Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver

Yes i actually managed to order one *SPAZZZZZES* i managed to get it off DVDHeaven before they took it off – i gather they took it off cus they filled how many they had to sell, i must say it wasn’t up for long, i did wanna buy the normal edition too but due to how limited the stock of the album seems to be at the mo i thought i would leave it till it was fully released and back in stock and i don’t wanna take a normal copy away from a fellow cassie XD

This JYJ international album is called ‘The beginning’ – with the limited edition you get the album which has 1CD, 5 photocards, you also get a photobook – haven’t managed to find how many pages it has yet! you also get 3 Posters *THUD* 3 omg omg omg omg *spazzzzes* and last you get a  T-Shirt *hyperventilates* not sure what the design is yet but anything JYJ is amazing! i’m sure you will agree.


1. Intro
2. Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / M. Yusef 
3. Empty
4. Be My Girl
5. Still in Love
6. I Love You_Feat. Flowsik 
7. I Can Soar
8. Be The One
9. Ayyy Girl_ S. Tiger Remix
10. Empty_DJ EON Remix
11. Be My Girl_DJ EON Remix

Also some new photo’s have come out of our guys *melts*


Happy that Junsu’s Hair is black WOOOOOOO, gawd they all look so stunning O____O i really do wish i lived near the country’s that are lucky enough to get the tour *sulks* International in this day and age still means Asia and America for them lol.

i have been checking the other sites to see how well the album is selling at the mo.. (due to the fact we all wanna break the record right?)

DVDHeaven both editions Sold Out!

CDJapan both editions Sold Out!

YesAsia – still say they haven’t got a price and haven’t posted it up so if they have an allocation of the albums i would keep a VERY sharp eye on there website! cus i imagine once they post it up it won’t take long for them to sell out!

Normal edition on YesAsia 

Limited Edition on YesAsia

You can enter your name and email and YesAsia will email you once they have post it up (gawd they are slow!)

Well ofc i shall be going insane when i get the email to say this has been shipped and spazzing on the floor when it does arrive XD i shall ofc be taking millions of photo’s and posting them up hehe. Did anyone else manage to order one before it sold out?

UPDATE for my Beast Mastermind pre-order its been shipped *happy dance* Also all the DBSK items i ordered are shipped so *spazzzes* won’t be long till i get a haul of goodies – the post i did about all this ordering is HERE!

Enjoy XD

update: CD Japan’s 2nd pre-order for both albums has ended

UPDATE 2 – YESASIA have all the album versions up for preorder!!!!

JYJ (JEJUNG/YUCHUN/JUNSU) – The Beginning (Special Edition) + Poster in Tube

JYJ (JEJUNG/YUCHUN/JUNSU) – The Beginning (Special Edition) + Folded Poster

JYJ (JEJUNG/YUCHUN/JUNSU) – The Beginning (Normal Edition)

JYJ (JEJUNG/YUCHUN/JUNSU) – The Beginning (Taiwan Limited Edition)


DVDHeaven are putting the item back up for pre-order  – a time wasn’t given, its for both versions and no limit on how many you can buy

Also a seller on ebay has 10 of the limited edition left!


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32 Responses to “Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver”

  1. stefy Says:

    ok i’m just hating u in this moment, but that’s ok, right? TT___TT
    i continued to check yesasia for the realase of the album, and now i find out that it was sold in both cdjapan and cdheaven BEFORE, and it is now everything SOLD OUT.. gosh TT___TT
    lucky u.. TT_____TT

    • purplezest Says:

      awwwww yes that’s ok XD i am checking all the sites i know that normally do pre-orders if i find anything it shall be added to this post 😀 and yeh i don’t get what is taking YesAsia so long – Just found out CdJapan are gonna open pre-orders again look at the update above for more info XD goodluck hun

  2. jessy Says:

    oh my god!! im a huge dbsk fan! im so sad…i really want to get this album…=( what do you think i should pre-order?! and when will yes asia be out?! ive never done this and im so confused…is the limited or normal one better? and what about the concert? i really wanna see jyj =( you lucky butt…wanna help me? lol

    • purplezest Says:

      yes ofc sweetie XD its not that confusing pre-order is tech just ordering but before its released just so you will defo get it, you still pay and give ur details then they send it to you on the release date. The only difference between the limited and normal editions is

      Limited – you get the album, 3 posters, photobook and a t-shirt
      Normal – you get the album, 1 poster, 5photo cards

      Ofc due to the difference it effects the price so the Limited ver is more expensive!
      (normally yesAsia sells the posters septerate – can’t check cus they haven’t fully listed the item yet)

      You can find info about the concert for the beginning here: just click on the tab that says tour schedule XD

  3. bet365 Says:

    hi!This was a really splendid subject!
    I come from roma, I was luck to come cross your Topics in bing
    Also I get much in your blog really thanks very much i will come later

  4. Lawlliipop Says:

    Its 10 AM JST now no? still no preorders *sobs*

  5. Lawlliipop Says:

    its been 3 hours that i keep refreshing every website, I guess no more preorders huh? 😦 YesAsia is wayy late >.<

  6. Lawlliipop Says:

    limited if gone on yesasia 😦 i guess i gotta use ebay

    • purplezest Says:

      they normally do sell sept but ur only chance of getting the poster is waiting for dvdheaven – which i am still checking lol.

      I always love to help fellow cassie’s got some on twitter to lol, ohhh thank you foor the cookies XD

      YesAsia still haven’t posted it up – talking to the women who says its going up soon but she will not give a time

  7. Lawlliipop Says:

    awrr to late xD i used ebay already. I hope the seller is safe and I really hope ill get my poster and t shirt XD

    • purplezest Says:

      i have used the seller once before on a pre-order and they sent me eveything perfectly so it should b fine, if there was an issue i just think it would b tht they could not get hold of the item.

      I hope it all goes well XD

      • Lawlliipop Says:


        I dont think I could sleep at all until I get a message from the sender saying everything was shipped. Which means I won’t be sleeping for at least 3 weeks :|. Oh dear god. I have exams why.

    • purplezest Says:

      Well you can always email the sender and ask for an update XD ohhh exams nasty! good look hun 😀

  8. Cara Says:

    I’m super confused – at yesasia they say “not avaiable”. Does that mean out of stock?? I checked the side since about an hour. Now I’m not sure if ordering time for the limited version ist already over??

  9. Gab Says:

    I ordered the limited off yes asia… I hope I get it :S

  10. avg Says:

    we gon’ party tonight

  11. phliip Says:

    what album is it that you are talking about ?
    please tell me what it is called?

    • purplezest Says:

      The album is called ‘the beginning’ its JYJ’s International album which has just been released!

      – By International it mean all in english and is being sold in the US too (in the shops)

      JYJ are Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong from DBSK

  12. dbsk54evr Says:



  13. xxjenjaexx Says:

    do you know how long i have to wait until i get my album? mines shipped out the 25th? i have been soo anxious for it to arrive i want that package in my hands!!!

  14. xq Says:

    hi im looking for a jyj poster to buy for my friend..can anyone tell me where can i get that from?

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