JYJ Live In Dome 2010 Arrived!

fI didn’t get the first edition because i didn’t have enough money when it came out *sulks* but generally it was only the case that was different so it doesn’t bother me and i like this case more cus its got more purple XD

I brought it off ebay i wanted to test a Seller that always seems to have DBSK items really quite cheap and from China and normally to make that screams they are selling fake items, i checked the feedback and decided just to buy it and see if its fake when it turns up. It was only $13.99 and P&P was $3 so that’s only $17 so not a major loss if it worked out to be fake. i Used the seller JPopLive  but nope it wasn’t fake *surprised face* and to say yesasia is selling this version for $65!!! but YesAsia are always good at ripping people off – i never use them! they are more expensive don’t ship with some of the free items the shipping is VERY slow – i Recommend DVDHeaven, GrapeMusiccd (on ebay) or CDJapan for pre-ordering/Ordering korean and japanese related items.

Ok well onto the Item this post is supposed to be about, i thought it would just come as the 2dvd’s in the normal dvd case but no it also has a case that also folds open! The cover is soooo pretty and purple/blue XD love it

You can fold open this cover to show the cover again LOL and 3 photo’s Junsu, Yoochun then DBSK! *puzzled face* not that i mind it’s just HUH! but i’m not gonna moan that they are ALL on this dvd cover hehe. (when i saw the photo i did think oh it’s a fake but i checked and nope – very odd)

The back of the dvd! nice and ohhhh so AWESOME! red = Us *grin*

Slide the DVD out of the case, again with the cover, its a good job i LOVE this cover design haha

Yes your prob thinking wooo she finally opened it and yes! yes i did *points at the photo* the two very pretty DVD’s – already played some of it and spazzed my face off but then i had to catch the train to come to uni so i shall be watching all of it 2nite XD

Remove the DVD’s and what do you get but the cover but BIGGER!!! lol

The video quality is very high and looks amazing – this could still turn out to be a fake but even if it is i really can’t tell and not many people have taken photo’s of it so not much to compare with! normally u can tell with the paper used in the dvd cover and the qual of the video but its all perfect *shrugs* i LOVE it and am now gonna sit here and spazz while watching it hehe.


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2 Responses to “JYJ Live In Dome 2010 Arrived!”

  1. dongbangergal Says:

    Awesome!!!! I’m so jealous. Seriously! I’m still too suspicious to by stuff off ebay though. 😛

  2. Las Noches Says:

    OMG!OMG!OMG! oooooh O_O

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