Mastermind of Mirotic

I generally have DBSK fever, i say Mirotic because… well all cassie’s would know why! (Hint!!! *cough* mirotic day *cough*) which means i am late posting this but that’s mainly because i wanted to do it once i had ordered everything, yes this is about what i have purchased *grin* all DBSK and one pre-order for beast *spazzzzzzes* (which is why i used mastermind *sigh*)  

In truth i have ordered A LOT but its all because i got birthday money and what better way to spend it then on DBSK items XD *grin* my rents no nothing about this HAHA, mainly because all the packages will be going to my Uni Accommo which i shall be moving into on wed (should b there already but my b’day was this sat). I shall actually take photo’s of the empty room then what it looks like once i have decorated this time! i forgot last year lol which will mean a nice post about it.  

Ok iv rambled on for a while now! onto what is post is for… 

First i shall start off with Beast’s new mini album Mastermind (there 3rd mini album)  

The album cover

which also comes with the poster – Ofcourse i pre-ordered it off DVDHeaven its gonna be released on the 30th Sept so not long now (for a catch up on beast teasers and stuff check out my friend’s [kpopxfanatic’s] blog Here! )  

Now onto the DBSK ordered list –

This may take a while! oh and i now have a page for my DBSK items and the items i want right HERE which i shall update and link bk to my review/post about the item once it has arrived. I shall go in the order of when i ordered it 

JYJ 2010 Live in thanksgiving dome

Well i had to get it! i got this ver instead of the stupidly expensive one – they both have exactly the same thing on with 2discs shrugs so yeh clearly went for the cheaper option this time around. 

Best Selection 2010 First press (Jacket A) = 2CD+1DVD + 24page booklet + jacket card + 2 Poster


I used Grapemusiccd on ebay again due to the fact they are an awesome seller (Ebay has also awarded them as a top seller to!) i ordered this with the item below cus then it would only be $3 to ship the 2nd item which is a bargain – also u can see i stole there images which r tagged so totally theres! I got the first press of the 2CD+DVD ver of the album which comes with a 24page booklet *spazzzzes*, jacket card – wonder which one i will get and 2 Posters.  

Vol.3 – “O” Zheng. Fan. He (Version D) = 1CD+1DVD + 30 cards + Poster  

The album

The poster

This version of the album “O” is the repackaged one which comes with this AWESOME poster and 30 cards within the album! *spazzzes* u wouldn’t believe how long i have been looking for this album with the poster O___O but finally Grapemusic had one so i instantly hit BUY when i saw it. can you blame me? lol  

 Vol.2 – Rising Sun Repackage Story Book : Five Secret Story = 1CD+1VCD + 160page Photobook + 6stickers  


Now this is a special one! the rising sun storybook ver which contains SO much awesomeness!!! and the set of 6 stickers! what more could i want! i really can’t wait to get this item and open and ogle at the amazing pictures in the 160page photobook *THUD* not to mention playing the cd and the video’s gawd i’m gonna be SO hyper when all this comes  

The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC In Seoul = 3DVD + Poster + 5Bookmarks + 68page booklet  


I have been meaning to buy this AGES ago but the seller (Grapemusiccd) didn’t have the poster in so i emailed them asking them to update me once they have it back in stock which was now and on Mirotic day XD epic timing or what! lol, So i get the full set and i REALLY can’t wait!  

All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 3 = 6DVD + 60page photobook + all 6 posters   


Now we have come to the last item of my birthday money spending spree, which is the All about DBSK season3 box set O___O *spazzzes* with ALL 6 posters *thud* again this is with grapemusiccd – Are you starting to get the picture of how epic this seller is and they were selling it cheaper than most people who just had the set without the posters!!!! the 6 posters are the group one (the dvd cover) then the indivi member’s posters, 

OMG i really do need SO much more wall space, gonna have to play some poster tetris at uni trying to fit all of these new dbsk posters in with my other kpop posters ohhhh its gonna be fun 😀 

I shall be spazzing when each of these arrive and i shall take photo’s and update on my blog XD 



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4 Responses to “Mastermind of Mirotic”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Max! Max…! MAX!! Over here– *major spazzing*


    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Pre-Ordered JYJ International Album Limited ver « Purplezest's Blog Says:

    […] UPDATE for my Beast Mastermind pre-order its been shipped *happy dance* Also all the DBSK items i ordered are shipped so *spazzzes* won’t be long till i get a haul of goodies – the post i did about all this ordering is HERE! […]

  3. weight Says:

    i see what you did there

  4. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Hey there, first I would like to say that I am glad I found this page. Secondly, I like the way you write, makes it really nice to read. I just wanted to let you know my opinion 🙂

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