Designing DBSK T-shirt’s

Well i have wanted to do this for a while and while i was home thought it would be a good time, this time i decided to have a go with transfer paper. I had 3 plain T-shirt to transfer my designs onto (2 black and one red)

its here cus i wanted it here

I have had a superman design that i did for a T-Shirt ages ago, so that was going on one of the black ones! so i had a black and a red shirt left to do a DBSK design, i knew for the black one i wanted the hey JJ design except in red cus i’m not a huge fan of green and on the back just have DBSK it was the red one that took me ages to decide what to do but i was running out of time so i choice one of the designs i did (i did many but didn’t really like most of them).

First you design your T-Shirt then you print off the image onto the transfer paper, Yes so very very simple – you cut out your design to how you want it too look!

Decide where abouts you want the design to go peel off the back film lay the design on the shirt place the sheet over the top and Iron (on a hard surface not ironing board and no stream setting on and the iron on max heat – iron for 12-15secs) and bob’s your uncle your design is now on the T-Shirt! no washing it for 24hours but you should be transferring it onto a clean top anyway so that shouldn’t matter lol.

I annoyingly had to use my old camera cin as my more recent awesome is at uni so the pictures are not to my liking this camera sucks all the colour out which i shall show u using the last T-Shirt XD

First up is the superman one i designed i wanted it to look as if someone ripped the top and underneath is the superman logo! i think it works well, looks ever better the further away u stand, gives it away when the person is stood right next to you lol XD love how its come out though. I also put my logo on the right arm/shoulder (which u can see also in the one below)

Next top i did was they We love JJ in red (THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN – Original is from HeyJJ which was in green – except i wanted a red ver and they don’t sell the green one anymore – the design on the back is mine though)  – see how washed out this photo looks O___O that is a black shirt and the design is in bold RED and this image makes it look *beep* (you can look at the top image but its redder then that too lol – again iv got my logo on the sleeve/shoulder.

And last but not least is the red one i designed, with DBSK on the front and running down then side then Cassiopeia on the back with all the guys names – again camera makes it look *beep* and washed out but trust me it’s not! The DBSK down the side looks metallic which you clearly can’t see in this photo *sigh*

Just to show you how shite my camera is i shall show you what i printed and yes i did come out this colour nice and bold XD – This was the design on the front – minus my logo’s lol

I used Cassiopeia as the red background with DBSK holding up a sign – which is this photo

Then for the back of the T-Shirt i used Mirotic (Cus its sexy and *melts* i LOVE it) and added their names – ofc the one i used don’t have my logo in it XD

So yep 3 new T-Shirts was £3.50 a shirt so 3shirts= £10.50 the transfer paper was £4 which means a total of lets say £15 (which is about $23)

Very happy with how they have all come out XD already got some nice comments from people about them even though most don’t even know who DBSK are lol which makes me happy. well iv mumbled on enough! hope you enjoyed!


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