My JYJ Album Arrived!!!

It arrived SO much faster then i thought it would *spazz* so glad i went with CDJapan if i ordered from YesAsia i’m sure i would still have a long wait till i got it lol. as i said before i got the Jacket A ver (CD+DVD) and its AWESOME! as i new it would be but it always seems even more so when your holding it!

well before i ramble on forever here are the photo’s – First off the album in the seal! ohhhhh gawd its awesome (sorry i am really hyper right now, so try to ignore my stupid/random comments)

Taken it off and now i can open it but first continue to stare at the sexy cover O_____________O *brain melts*

I finally opened it (removed the booklet and photocard!) to show the sexy CD and DVD – oh sooooo shiney

I LOVE the back of the album too all there hands then jaejoong’s mouth *THUD* blurred but its THERE thats all that counts! i love what this means (you can draw your own conclusions! keke)

Ok now i can reveal i got the Junsu photocard! *spazz* he looks so adorable! totally needs a BIG hug lol – ofc i would have loved the jaejoong one but i’m not really fussed i tech have enough jaejoong keke šŸ˜€

I took a photo of the cover of the booklet but i scanned in the guys images! its just a normal size booklet nothing special (well except for the drool worthy photos lol)

Ok i scanned in the photo’s of the boys from the booklet! First off is Junsu – black and white looks extremely sexy!

Second is Yoochun who is giving THAT look *melts* oh my O__________O

And last my bb Jaejoong, ahhhh this photo is amazing and he looks as beautiful and prince like as he always does *melts*

I’m sure i’m not the only one that has noticed that Jaejoong is the only one in colour XD wonder why they did that? either way i don’t mind they all look amazing in colour or black and white! i’m just so happy that i got it *spazz* i have yet to watch the dvd – which i am saving for 2nite so i shall add an update once i have watched it.

Ofc i and you already now how amazing the songs are! i haven’t got a clear fav yet because i love them all SO damn much ohhhh can’t wait to watch the DVD 2nite!


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4 Responses to “My JYJ Album Arrived!!!”

  1. weight Says:

    hi again


  2. cloudusa Says:

    OMG GOOD for YOU, girl.

    Have you put it through the wringer good and proper yet? Haha!

    Stephe ^@@^

  3. ddsfgss Says:

    first post

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