Marshmellow Rain

This post has nothing to do with Marshmellows or Rain O___O i just had that in my head and this post is quite random anyway a general update and to show u what i did when i got bored!

I still need to do my posts about the Mirotic album i brought and the C.N Blue album and also a post showing you my walls meaning for the posters on them haha but iv been very busy lately i haven’t really had time, been running around like a headless chicken and i had a spare second so i could throw this one together but doing a proper post as i call it takes a bit longer.

I have been doing some stuff for CloudUSA also spazzing on the forum, doing some more Rain and Jaejoong fanart work which i may post up at some point and then been doing real world stuff wish is too boring to cover so gonna ignore that.

Well i got bored so decided i could alter an item of clothing i actually do this quite often, you know when you have had a t-shirt for a while worn it quite a bit but then well ur bored of it so i just alter them so its like a new one. i had a t-shirt from Zara which i had loved but i find it boring.

Here it is (the red in the heart and the red on the girl monster is what i added – i forgot to take a photo before i started! better late then never i suppose)

Then i just started colouring (i used material pens) i was doing it very fast, didn’t really plan out what i was doing just made it up as i went along lol.

Starting adding in the main yellow – cus i didn’t want to leave them white cus well to much white is meh and the outside would still be white

I then added in the lets call it shading haha, did this more on the girl moster then on the guy one – donno why just did. I also added in DBSK – easy enough to see one you’ve seen it haha (girl monster)

And now i have my ‘new’ t-shirt and the good thing is no one else will have it! well yeh they may own the white one but now mine is unique Wooooo as i said before its not the first time iv altered clothing to be just mine but its the first time i have posted it on my blog.

well hope you enjoyed im now gonna run off and have some jam and cream scones keke


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2 Responses to “Marshmellow Rain”

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  2. CosmoQueen Says:

    Oh my gawd that’s so amazing!!! You’re quite talented there young lady ^____^

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