Throwing Banana’s at CloudUSA!


Well by now you should ALL realise I’m a cloud and a very spazz one at that *grin* well ummmm the point of this post is to talk about CloudUSA and how much it means to me, I say this because well it means A LOT (I’m amazing with words as you will find out *chuckle*). I believe this amazing website, blog and forum is around 6months old now (too lazy to check this with them), i didn’t discover this website till around ummm it was a month and a bit old I think (again too lazy to check). This is when i started Talking to Terri and Stephe (Founders of CloudUSA), I first came across the blog  (run by Stephe) which lead me to the website (run by Terri) then I discovered the forum, its like an amazing package you couldn’t ask for more they covered All the bases hehe.   

This is when i started talking to Terri and Stephe at first ofc it was just comments on their blog, then we finally managed to catch each other on the forum chat room (i say this because i am in the UK, so generally i have to be up around 2am to catch them, but I’m weird and stay up stupidly late so no issue for me). They were both AWESOME, normally I am an awkward spac when I first start talking to people (no… really i am!) but they were both so nice and loved rambling on about Rain as much as I did *smile* More members joined and it became a CloudUSA family *Smile* and well this is all because of these two AMAZING ladies setting up everything! which I don’t think I could thank them enough for doing.   

The amount of work they put into maintaining and updating everything is incredible! And recently they have had a ‘re-vamp’ shall i call it, and i just LOVE the new logo its amazing, sooo pretty. I shall show you the homepage of the CloudUSA Website.   


Isn’t it just amazing! and this is only the homepage! The fav pictures page is one of my fav pages ohhhhhhh the photo’s of Rain on that page can take your breath away! or maybe kill you depending on your state before you look so yeh please sit before viewing *smile* Go have a look if you haven’t!   

Now the amazing blog, i would do what i did above and create a long running image but the blog is just bursting with Rain i don’t think the image would ever end so instead i shall just do a bit of it *smile* Again new header *On Nom Nom*, tones of new pages and updates to go through, its jam packed with everything Rain you could possible ever want!   


The amount of amazing people i have met through this site fills me with happy bubblyness (it’s totally a real word!), we have had many many chats on the forum now and well most other forms of communication we can think of *smile* we have some amazing chats going from Rains voice to his tight jeans onto Rain on a treadmill and at some point talking about kangaroo’s in snow *Chuckle* then back to banana’s and milk! ofc can’t have a convo without someone mentioning them *GRIN* Watching Terri and Stephe have a convo battle while me and Star (Cami – ur now famous *grin*) also have our own battle, banana’s get flung in all directions but the snow kangaroo’s come and save the day! ok yeh i lied OUPS *sad face* there were no kangaroo’s (Only in my head).   

Ok i lost track of what i was saying! ummmm yeh Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain, ahhhhh i member now! I do believe it was summit to do with Rain! if he would stop jumping maybe my mind could focus!!! *THUD*   

Ok iv gone of track again quite majorly in fact (this happens a lot – ohhhh this is a lot of writing – maybe a picture of rain to break up all the writing is needed!   

i got bored so decided Rain should wear pink and blue

 The reason i love CloudUSA SOOOOO much is well before this site came along i didn’t really know any other clouds, i knew shite loadsa people who were also insanely into kpop but no fully spazz clouds most liked his music but never considered themselves a full cloud which is fine but i wanted someone who i could spazz to about him and well generally talk about his TIGHT jeans and ofc his music *grin* and this is what i finally managed to get once i found CloudUSA and now i have a whole network of spazz clouds who i never leave alone (Ofc they now who they are *waves*). So just wanted to do this blog post to say a HUGE thankyou for all your hard work ladies and to spread the word to all the clouds who haven’t discovered this amazing site yet.   




The Blog:   


The Forum:   


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10 Responses to “Throwing Banana’s at CloudUSA!”

  1. lafemme17 Says:

    Purplezest, thank you so much for posting this blog I’ve been wanting to thank you guys as well because this site means alot to me as well. I think i have to check the blog and the main site at least 3 times a day or i start to feel some slight withdrawal symptoms lol. What you guys have created here is absolutely amazing, and i want you both to know how much I appreciate it. I hope maybe i can catch you guys on the chat sometime soon so we can get to talk a little more.

  2. StarRain Says:

    Thank you PZ for the great blog! Stephe and Terri have done an amazing job! These ladies out do themselves at every corner and should be very proud of themselves!

    This is a wonderful website for the Rain-crazed people (we all know you are out there!) so stop by and join some friends!

    Side note: PZ, thanks for the recognition, even bad publicity is GOOD! Can’t wait for the next round!

    Got to go, Rain is singing “Nice & slow” and I don’t want to miss any hip action! YAY! ;0)

  3. cloudusa Says:


    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind words about Cloud USA. And thank you for being such a wonderful person and such a devoted Cloud.

    We discovered your incredible write-up about Cloud USA this morning, and it has taken us ALL DAY to get our voices back. And trust us, Stephe and Terri speechless is a rare and amazing thing. :-}

    We are delighted that so many people are enjoying Cloud USA, and we are SO glad that you have decided to become a part of it. Thank you again for being you and for helping us share this incredible artist known as Rain with the English-speaking world.

    Oh, and special thanks for the bananas. There’s nothing like a few bananas to get a girl going in the morning. If U-KNOW what we mean. :-}

    Hugs and kisses,

    Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^

  4. cloudusa Says:

    You know you made me cry a little, right?

    Yeah, you did. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^

  5. riverwood Says:

    Thanks to StarRain for the retweet otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this fantastic post of yours! You now have a new stalker.. it’s the snow kangaroo! Ha ha!

    Just want to let you folks in on a secret… Terri and Stephe… the reason why they manage so well while being so busy themselves offline, is because.. they are never … online nor offline! They are linked directly to their computers 🙂 Instant Transmissions. 🙂

    Just want to add my thanks to these 2 terrific ladies and the other fellow members. You’ve made Cloud USA such an addictive place to be! And ofcourse, thanks to K for this opportunity to express it some more 🙂

    Rain tea anyone?

  6. cloudusa Says:

    ROFL @ river

    I’ll have some, thanks. (and hope it doesn’t short-circuit my wiring when I drink it)

    Stephe ^@@^

  7. Terri Says:

    ROFL @ River….

    Yes, as I’ve said before…..I’m a cyborg…but that’s OK.

    Tee hee.

    Terri :-}

  8. busybee1982 Says:

    i so agree with everyone here. can’t praise this site enough. nor thank CloudUSA team enough. they are definately super hard workers who do one heck of an outstanding job.

    i still have not seen every thing there is to see at this site. it is one that i always recommend to others. it is just that good. maybe caus Stephe and Terri stays in touch with us and cements the community feeling. whatever it is, i simply adore this site.

    thanks purplezest for “spot lighting” this site. it is well deserved.

  9. divalcious Says:

    I’m adding my two cents in! I looooove CloudUSA and all the people that come to it daily to chat and post comments on the site and in the forum. It’s IMHO the best Rain site out there. Granted, I’m still discovering all the Rain sites but I know after I have visited them all, I’ll still consider CloudUSA to be the best one ever. Wanna know why? Well I’ll tell you. Stephe and Terri take the time out of their incredibly busy days to maintain a beautifully put together site chock full of all kinds of credible info about Rain. By credible, I mean that they don’t just put up random stuff that not correct or that is a rumor. I visit the site daily (2 to 3 times a day! At work even! Shhh don’t tell anyone) to get my Rain news on, and also to laugh, because there are some really hilarious people that visit the site. Not only are they hilarious, they’re ultra sweet too. I actually do laugh out loud many times while reading and/or chatting with these great people. I feel like it’s a lil family of Rain lovers. I have nowhere else and noone else to spazz about Rain with (my friends look at me like I’m insane because I’m in my 30s and I’m having a fangirl moment that has lasted 2 months and counting)

    Purplezest, I’ve only gotten the chance to chat w/ you for a brief time but you were great too.

    Anyway, I’ll stop now. 🙂

  10. honeebs Says:

    Oh yes~ I cleaned out my faves and subscriptions this week and CloudUSA has won my bid for must go to site. I shall stalk it with pleasure. Layouts are @_@ <– that's me with crazy eyes. Great fans over there.

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