Beast is the B2st Album + Poster

Yes i’m a slow one, only just buying this now *tut tut* will be getting the other one shortly hopefully then POW the new comeback album WHICH I AM ALREADY MAJORILY SPAZZING OVER *breaths* Ok well amazingly the last 3 albums all turned up on the same day! how epic is that, anyway i shall post about one each day, 2days being Beast is the b2st, 2moro shall be DBSK’s Mirotic album then last shall be C.N Blue – blue loveeeeeee!

Well to start i shall cover the poster then the album then the booklet of many many pages – i feel in a good mood so shall post them all, which means that this post will have around 30 photos in it though but its worth it but yeh give it time to load HAHA, i shall put the booklet photos into a gallery at the bottom of the page just click them for the LARGER version.

Well i removed the envelope – not much point in taking a photo of that! The album and poster wrapped in a hell of a lot of bubble wrap 😀 makes me happy that they took so much effort to make sure no damage would come to my precious item and i also thought the ickle dude on the tape was cute too.

Now time to remove the bubble wrap and *SPAZZ* so to speak haha


Well here it is my new beast poster and album YAY *SPAZZZZZZES* The album was thicker then i thought it would be – i new it was thick but not this thick!

The Front of the album on the left and the back of it on the right, this also nicely shows u how thick it is, and so so so pretty

Now time to open the album, pictured below is everything that comes in the album (Top left = members thankyou’s, top right = album lid, Bottom left = photo booklet and ofc Bottom right is the bottom half of the album with the pretty CD in that matchs the patten on the album cover) 

Now time for photo’s of the booklet, All the pictures are amazing, printed on a matte material so its 100% UNF! i love every single image in this booklet, love it love it love it – also i took the photo of the front cover at an angle so u can see how thick it is! for the larger and when i say larger i do mean LARGER image just click, i would post them all sept but it would take too long and the post would go on forever haha.

Hope you enjoyed all the images, ohhhh i just LOVE this album – its definately a unique album design which i love – i shall be doing a blog post once i have added all my new posters to my wall which hopefully i shall do at some point, i have to stop being so lazy *grin* well 2moro i shall post my photo’s of DBSK’s Mirotic album.


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5 Responses to “Beast is the B2st Album + Poster”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    OMG I am spazzing like a mo-fo!

    Oh god!

    *struck dumb*

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. CosmoQueen Says:

    That is so cool! I know I was excited when I got mine 😀

  3. Buyyer Says:

    HOw much will be that ?

  4. Buyyer Says:

    The b2st 2nd era

  5. Buyyer Says:

    I mean the b2st is the best

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