SHINee Lucifer album + Poster

ITS HERE after only 7days!!! it was shipped out on the 20th and its now the 27th and the reason why i am so shocked is because i picked the slowest option to get it shipped to me which had around a 14day estimate, One on my dvdheaven orders came in 9days once but for it to take just a week is AMAZING arg how i love them.

The plan i had this morning was to wake up so i could get my package of the normal postman (who rang the doorbell yesterday) but i was too dead in bed that i just ignored it – they ring the bell when they can’t fit it in mr letter box, but NOPE my alarm didn’t go off so instead i got woken up by the package delivery guy which i was still in bed so had to dash downstairs like a spazz – caught him just before he got bk in the van FEW!!! (may i also just point out that they are both royal mail so why the fuck they couldn’t give the other package for him to deliver i will never know) so it means now i still have to wake up early tomorrow to be awake for when the mail guy comes a knocking. YAY but arg at the same time haha – and getting a shock wake up from the doorbell and pegging it downstairs didn’t go down to well with me, even if it was for the worlds most AWESOME album.

Ok iv gone offtrack again back to the album, I got Ver A (Ver B to still be released on the 29th July) with the poster, when i opened the package i though the poster was the hard tub but it wasn’t, the poster is printed on like a brown paper bag material – quite thick with a matte finish,  it’s very nice 😀 and bigger then i thought it would be – as you can see from the size of the album compaired to the poster.

Now onto the album

I Got the sexy Minho photocard, i’m glad the photo was done with his old hair wouldn’t have been so happy if it was with the new hair not that i don’t like the new hair i just don’t think its the best HAHA, I also got a free SHINee sticker from DVDHeaven which i wasn’t expecting at all, which is of all of them not sure which photoshoot it’s from but YAY i love free stuff.

The Album has a think cardboard front and back (which fold out) so it doesn’t flop around cus its pract a booklet with the CD at the end – very much like Ver A of SuJu’s Bonamana album – except this one has a thicker front and back, so no floppyness (if you at all get what i mean). The picture below shows u have thick the booklet/album is!

As i mentioned above the front and back covers fold out – all of the album has a matte finish apart from this front fold out section and the back fold out section with the CD which has a gloss finish which is nice.

The very pretty CD, which of course we all know contains Lucifer and up and down and well to be 100% i love all the songs on this album, normally when i get an album ther is at least one song i am not too fussed over but not with this one I LOVE THEM ALL!

I was too lazy to count how many pages the booklet has but trust me its a lot!  I shall only post a few of the pages i scanned in unless i will be posting around 30photos haha

Just so pretty

This would be a good time to lay ontop of him *grin*

A very pretty group photo

Totally legal and sexy Taemin (i’m from the UK so yes LEGAL! WOOOOO – [ legal age is 16 here])

I LOVE this one of Key its just 100% UNF!!!

And to end on another very nice group shot

I rambled on loads at the beginning of this post so sorry about that, hope you enjoyed the pictures


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19 Responses to “SHINee Lucifer album + Poster”

  1. Tweets that mention SHINee Lucifer album + Poster « Purplezest's Blog -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by MeiZheng Tan, Katie Smith. Katie Smith said: SHINee Lucifer album + Poster: […]

  2. margaret Says:

    is the poster sold separetly?? or can u onnly get it with the Version A?
    please reply thanks!

    • purplezest Says:

      Yes you can buy the poster with ver A or B, and you can buy it sept – i do believe yesAsia are selling them on there own, also iv already seen some on ebay 😀

  3. blunkthstar Says:

    Erm, is the poster from version A and B the same? Did to postman give you the album early in the morning? Please reply me, thanks ~ [:

    • purplezest Says:

      the poster is the same for both versions of the album – the only thing that differs from ver A and B is the booklet included in the album 😀

      he came about 8.00 – 8.30am as i recall

  4. blunkthstar Says:

    Can I ask you something else? Which payment mode did you use?

  5. cloudusa Says:

    Ooooooh Taemin, Taemin. What should I do with YOU?

    (one guess)

    Stephe ^@@^

  6. tt4ever2210 Says:

    Do you know if both Lucifer versions sold by yesAsia and dvdheaven have any differences? Because it seems like yesAsia doesn’t mention anything about poster or Photo album so I am not sure if those packages have the same things as Dvdheaven? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • purplezest Says:

      Dvd heaven sell the poster septerate they don’t sell it with the album and the booklet is the album (its attached – can’t be removed) so they are exactly the same except with DVDHeaven you have the choice of buying the album with the poster 😀

      hope i helped

  7. tt4ever2210 Says:

    Wow, u replied in just a flash! Thanks 4 ur information Purplezest :)!This is the 1st time I buy an album so I was dumbfound hahaha :D! All for SHINee love <3!!!!!

  8. Lindsey Says:

    Sorry this may be a dumb question, but I don’t understand. does the poster come with the album in dvdheaven or you have to buy separately? and can you used other methods to pay or only paypal? thank you in advance ^_^

    • purplezest Says:

      No question is dumb XD at the moment SHINee Lucifer VerA with poster is not on dvdheaven but just the album is!
      but the reason for this is because they have just released the re-packaged version of this album (which includes the same songs but with 3 new ones so instead of 13 you are getting 16) – this re-packed album is titled Hello! link to it here which comes with the poster,
      if u want the orginal version (titled lucifer – pictured above) some people on ebay sell it with the poster.
      i can give you links to sellers who i have used often if you want to use ebay.

      But you can also buy the poster separately if you want do believe YesAsia sells it on its own XD

      And for DVDHeaven the payment methods are:
      bank transer
      (they do normally take Visa cards too but they are having some issues with the system so that on hold at the mo)

      you can get more info here

      Hope i helped any more question just ask XD

  9. Sarah Says:

    Too bad Taemin is only 17, so he’s not legal anywhere else.

  10. Lia Says:

    if you buy version A & B on YesAsia with the double deal does this come with the poster? im so confused haha

    • purplezest Says:

      Unless YesAsia states that it comes with a poster then it won’t – normally YesAsia sell the poster seperate but if you really wanna check just send them an email and they shall tell you – they also reply to Questions on there Twitter account!

      Hope i helped XD

  11. Kathleen Says:

    Did you got 2posters when you bought both version?and are the posters the same or not?

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