G. Dragon Heartbreaker Album

It arrived yesterday [Friday], the girl  posted in on Thursday so for it to arrive the next morning was very AWESOME, suppose she did only live bout an hour away but meh haha. Well its not like this album is new out or anything [Released: 2009-09-04] its just i havn’t had the money to get it but my mum then said she would get it for me *spazzes* as a passing my second year of uni present WOOO.

So this will just be a nice post with pictures and me doing some happy rambling along the way.

Well first off the poster/album that arrived 😀 i really wanted this ver of the poster too, the other ver was this one – the poster is much bigger then i thought it would be but this is a good thing cus i love HUGE posters 😀 – also you can see the album, which is also big haha. i shall be adding this poster to my wall once the other posters/albums i ordered arrive cus i don’t wanna have to re-arange my wall each time a new one comes – i shall update with a photo once they are all here though.

 Now time for some more upclose photo’s of the album

First off the front of the album, the box is quite large which makes owning this album all the more awesome, its been very well thought out and put together – its worth owning unlike most UK albums which are just the case and CD which dosn’t inspire me to fork out money to buy it.

The back of the album which is just as pretty

Once you get inside the box its all about the layers keke, everything can come apart, here is the front and back cover [in the apple it says: G.Dragon first solo album heartbreaker] and yes that is G.Dragons face haha

Then the VERY pretty CD, i love this so much and is also the reason why i wanted the poster above (same image – which is my fav one), just so pretty

You also get this photo/sticker not sure either way AWESOME, and it shall join the rest of my photo collection (which is stuck on my wardrobe – well was at uni i still need to do it here but it shall be done)

Ok now time for the booklet you get with the album, iv photographed everypage so thats why this post is nice and long – enjoy! Love the front cover of it

I shall be using LP=Left page, and RP=Right page cus i will get fed up of righting it fully haha

LP: the track list [10 songs],  RP: *melts*

LP: sexy GD, RP: the first songs lyrics

LP: well it tells you NICE AND BIG HEART BREAKER, RP: the lyrics

LP: Om Nom Nom on the apple, RP: *THUD*

LP: Lyrics to the 3rd song breath, RP: i’m not quite sure what he’s doing but i love it

LP: Ohhh i LOVE this song – Butterfly, RP: Lyrics

LP: *dies* just wow, RP: Lyrics to hello

LP: Lyrics to gossip man, RP: RED SPLAT haha

Both pages: a nice hawt GD picture

LP: lyrics for Korean Dream RP: The sexy GD image thats also on the photocard *melts*

LP: *dies happy* RP: lyrics for the leaders

LP: Can’t beat blending some apple, RP: Lyrics for she’s gone

LP: Lyrics for 1년 정거장, RP: Credits

Then the back cover where poor mr apple has been eaten, but if it was GD that ate it then thats one very LUCKY apple.

 I have had the album on my Itunes for ages now and i love everysong on it, i will own his other album(s) in the future but i need money first before i can haha, don’t think i will be buying another kpop album till i go back to uni which is end of sept so prob not till Oct unless there is a comeback because i always have money for that haha (hopefully Beast will have there comeback soon) ok i’m rambling again, hope you enjoyed the photo’s and for and update:

C.N Blue – Blue love album + Poster was shipped on Thurs 22nd July

SHINee – Lucifer album + Poster was shipped on Tues 20th July

DBSK – Mirotic was shipped on Mon 19th July

Beast – Beast is the best+Poster was shipped on Mon 19th July



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4 Responses to “G. Dragon Heartbreaker Album”

  1. Genie Says:

    this is just awesome …how much did itcost

  2. daikiro Says:

    Hi~ just passing by and thought that I’d let you know that I have some random K-POP posters that I don’t need, here’s the link for the images http://shisaitarou.livejournal.com/
    Comment there if you’re interested thank youu~

  3. angela Says:

    hello! where did you buy this? I want to get one for my friend!

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