Tumblr + Rain header Artwork

I have finally started using my Tumblr blog *nods* yes when i say finally i mean iv had it for gawd knows how long now and only 2days ago did i start using it. I find it a quicker way to Spam tones of Japanese and Korean related stuff i love which is mainly photo’s of guys 😀 haha.

Ofc this WordPress blog is very much the centre of my Blogging world i update with the more EPIC things here so i can use the tumblr for my random spamage to save this blog from going mental if u at all get what i am saying HAHA.

I Used some of my old Rain artwork for the header i just added in my Logo then created the background for it in photoshop (100% done my me). Oh i suppose i can show u some process work cin as i did save some as i went along – you can even try having a got yourself if u feel like it haha.

First thing i did was add the logo then remove the black background because i wanted to make a pretty one.

I decided on the colours i wanted to use so on a new layer i just used the paintbrush to create this very simple background

I tweaked the colour in the editor due to the fact it was too close to the colour of well Rain haha so u made it more blue – which if you look below you can see.

I just used the sponge rubber to remove the edges and create the nice effect you see – above you can see i removed the edges but didn’t like that so went bk to the save before i removed them.

I then just used a thin rubber through the middle of the pattern then on a new layer painted it black and walla the finished Piece.

Knowing me i shall be tweaking it again but for now this shall be the header on my Tumblr

Here is the link to my Tumblr


And just cus i can i shall add links to my other stuff

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PurpleZest_

Live Journal: http://purplezest.livejournal.com/

My other blog (Share it with a friend): http://chocolateabs.wordpress.com

Oh yes and fellow clouds don’t forget to join CloudUsa’s Forum! http://cloudusa.lefora.com/ We have some awesome fan girling sessions over there and ofc ther are many topic’s filled with Rain pictures for you to look through.


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5 Responses to “Tumblr + Rain header Artwork”

  1. starrain Says:

    This is what freakin made me dizzy and want a purple margarita! Geez! How much purple can one page have?

  2. Kuri Says:

    Hey, you should follow my Tumblr!
    http://fuckyeahchocolateabs.tumblr.com xD!

  3. cloudusa Says:

    I LOVE the way you made the background look like satin material. I just want to touch it with my fingers or something.

    So cool.


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