London Loot

Me and my flat mate Emily have been planning to go to London for ages now and we finally booked it 😀 We decided to go for 2days to make it more relaxing and so we could see and do more while we were there. So booked the trains and hotel for the night which was the Tues 22nd June to the 23rd, which was a day after i came back from Mountain Mayhem (24hour endurance mountain biking event – i wasn’t riding i was a pit bitch *grin*). Ok well on with the post it will be a long and picture filled so hope you enjoy.  

Day 1

Well the first day was more shopping (japanese themed) the second day was more chilled and fun orientated. Well when we arrived in London we went to drop our bags off at the hotel we booked into. This was our room, i let emily have a bigger bed no reason really – just cus it makes no difference which i sleep in, i’m not fussed lol.  

We also decided on a code word for when we saw a hawt Asian guy this is due to Emily kept shouting out Hot asian every 2seconds HAHA, so yeh our code word was pudding (SPN connection here, if u don’t watch the show then u wouldn’t get it but to put it simply – Dean [main character] drops his pants Shouts PUDDING!!! and jingles around *nods*) So yes pudding haha.  

Our room - Emily's bed



 My bed next to the window that opened wide so we could jump out if we felt like it (but wouldn’t cus we were on the 3rd floor haha), this hotel has a scary tiny lift too iv never seen one so small haha.  

Our room - my bed


The view from our window, see how i gracefully got a red bus and a taxi in the shot! Perfect HAHA, ah and yes we had Mcdo right out well tech we had 2 the one across the street and one to the left across that street and a few steps HAHA, after dumping our bags we went to this mcdo for lunch, well we had to lol.  

View from the hotel window


 After we ate we went to Forbidden planet *grin* yes we have one here but not one the size of the London one, we found it very easily – we spent quite a long time in there as it had AC haha – I donno how hot it was but must have been around 25c (which is TOO hot haha). I wanted to get a manga to read, one of the jdrama we had watched/watching so in the end i got Hana Kimi, Absolute boyfriend then Vampire Knight (which isn’t a jdrama but so totally should be).  

Such prettyness - can't wait to read


 I also picked up the Limited special edition L : Change the world DVD *grin* YAYNESS – i have nearly brought this online but u can never tell if its fake so this way i know for sure its real 😀  

Such a sexy cover


 It also includes the 24pg booklet which is EPIC, has the interviews and goodies in it *grin* As i recall this is the first Matsuken dvd I own due to I still haven’t brought Death note haha.  

The booklet and both dvd's


 We then headed for Covent Garden, went to Cyber Candy and brought Sweeties and drink and a chups phone charm (orange one yay hehe). [The second drink in and the pink one on the end i got at the japan centre – both amazing drinks such yummyness]. The reason why i brought the ickle biscuits (purple and red long things) is because Haruma advertised them – yes i am tht easily influenced 😀 Also the purple  berry sweets are advertised by Nakayama Yuma but i didn’t buy them cus of that, i just knew this cus his face was on the box haha.  

Yummyness 😀


 We sat down somewhere shady and had a much-needed rest then we had a wonder round China Town and surrounding stuff. We were heading for Tokyo Toys & Trocedero, but got sidetracked after finding the Mitsukoshi department store and Japan Center right next to each other by taking a wrong turn. The Japan centre is where i brought my 3 copies of Junon – the June, July and August 2010 issue haha. (i shall be doing a post just for this mags with sexy scans and wotnot).  

The very sexy filled mags


After a whole day of walking around and buying stuff me and Emily were bout dead so we wandered then tubed then wandered back to our hotel haha. we had some lazy time reading our magazines and doing stuff that you do then around 9pm i think it was we decided to go get food – We decided to go to Wagamama’s i had Chicken Katsu Curry which was SO nice, i actually want some right now haha, yummyness – we then wandered back to the hotel for more lazyness then eventually sleeping around 1am.  

Day 2

The second day was more relaxed and lazy, We had to be out the hotel before 11am and we were, well just HAHA. Oh and this is how close we were to the station HAHA i don’t think we could have got any closer (St Pancras). defo be staying in this hotel again its cheap and so fecking close haha. On this day i actually took photo’s unlike day one where i took none due to it was a shopping day. Just look at the sexy so blue which meant SO hot haha.  


Well we wanted to have fun at the Arcade so we headed to the Trocedero center in Piccadilly, we went in through HMV like we normally do checking our ther world section on the way in, nothing awesome tht we could see so we carried on to the games. We spent around 3-4hours in the arcade HAHA, it had AC and was fun. We had lunch in the cafe just outside the arcade HAHA (Still in the same building), visted Tokyo Toys too, nothing i felt like buying ther though.  

We are the type to go on the funny games – we started off which some air hockey,  then we went on the motorbikes which r always fun swaying from one side to the other weeeeeeeee haha [first go i came 7th last go i came 4th – hardest level slightly proud haha]. Excuse my poor state – the lovely sunburn and covered in sun cream adds a nice gloss don’t u think? HAHA  


We found this lovely game which involved much jumping up and down – had to take my shoes off cin as i was wearing flip flop things HAHA – at this point we hadn’t eaten or drank but we still jumped till we nearly died [i came first – *happy dance*] hehe.  


 Next we found the Mini Rider2 which if you have ever been on its parent you will know all about this awesome simulator – always lots of fun we went on the rollercoaster one hehe. Ofc we played on many many games but only photographed a few – we also went on the horse racing game which we failed at first time around then we did it again haha, didn’t realise we actually had to kick the fake horse to make the one in the game move HAHA.  


 Next we decided to collect some tickets, in the end i had 855 *grin* haha, gawd it was a gd handful  


 After spending an awesome time in the arcade we ventured back outside and wandered bk to the japan centre to pick up more drinks then walked off in the random direction which took us too St James’s park HAHA, with a view of the London eye which made me say, the palace is around here somewhere and the fact of the massive road the part was next to confirmed my random guess HAHA  


 Here is said HUGE wide red posh road, this is the opposite way to the palace, got a nice cyclist in my photo 😀 bless him he must have been cooking alive  


 So we walked in the other direction, and 2secs later we were at the Queen’s Palace, now i have been here before and seen the gold carriage and everything but i’m the kind who don’t really care we only wandered down here cus of the reason it was close and what does the Queen bring *nods* tourists and who classes as a tourist *nods* Hawt Asians HAHA.  


 We got lazy and decided we would just grass/park hop so we lazed on this bit of grass next to the palace for a while – here is a photo of the bling statue in the centre of the roundabout outside the palace.  


The Palace from where we were sitting, good place for watching the tourist go by haha.   


 I took quite a few photo’s here ofc the classic stand infront of the gate one but meh, so here is the pretty gate HAHA  


 We were ofc walking infront of said palace at this point – you can see the London Eye, thts road u can’t really see is the road we walked down haha. I’m getting lazy now – can u tell? haha  


 A last shot of the palace before heading into the next park, the Sun was directly behind the palace so was gr8 for taking photo’s so have to take ninja photo’s in the shade haha, ow well at least i got some for people to see.  


 We then walked into Green Park, decided we wanted a drink so headed over to the stand when we got stopped by a very polite American dude (could totally been a dad- that nice type if u get what i mean, not old – kinda hot – someone should have clearly married him if not WTH America haha) Anyway small talk [just so we could listen to his accent more ofc] and we gave him directions to find Covent garden which was just through the park and i bit further so i am sure he found his way, well we got our drinks and wandered bk to the tube station to go bk to St pancras so we could catch our train home.  

we lazed outside a cafe for a while then i opened my drink which decided to erupt EVERYWHERE highly amusing, i can laugh at myself thankfully and i don’t mind being covered with blue liquid but believe it or not this turned out to be and AWESOME thing that happened due to the fact we were sat opposite a cafe obv they would have napkins so i popped in and who was stood behind the counter but a VERY hot asian *thud* so asked him if i could steal napkins (at this point he wouldn’t have known why i wanted them haha) then i went back for more – he smiled and laughed cus i was grinning at the fact i needed more HAHA, ofc once i told Emily about the hot dude within the cafe she decided i need a drink so she brought one and we sat in the cafe and ofc i sat so i could see him HAHA, Donno how long we spent in ther was a fair while though, he kept smiling at me, ahhhhh i miss him now i’m home haha. i would so move to London for that HAHA.  

Anyway back to now a nice photo of all my Loot just cus i could  


 Well this be the end of my epic London Post hope u enjoyed the reading i didn’t mean to ramble on for so long but thats me haha.


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  3. cloudusa Says:

    OMG I am DYING over the Death Note DVD pics. L! L! L!

    Great post. (Ah, there’s Buck House!)

    Thanks for sharing these, K. Looks like you had Hellafun with those games. Hehehe!


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