MBLAQ [Y] Ablum & Poster

WOOOOOO i finally have it in my possession, sorry its taken me so long to post the pictures its just i went home last friday and it arrived before i left and then wordpress wasn’t working here (uni flat) i have no idea why. But now its working again i can post all the picture hehe. I took i picture of all of the pages well except the ones with just writing on *grin*

Well here’s what was in the package the very glossed up poster and shiney album, on first impression’s WOW haha

Already looks awesome

Well first i shall cover the Poster cin as i have the world record for pictures in this post for the album haha

its so pretty

The size of the poster is 62  x 45cm

its so glossey and omg the guys look AMAZING, i am soooo happy they used this photo

I shall post pictures of what the poster looks like on my wall in the next post 😀

Now onto the album, which contains the sweet sound of Mblaq. The ablum is amazing – it kinda has a fake mental effect which i love 😀 reminds me of the fake mental effect in Rain’s Rainism album (which i also love) hehe.

You open the Album to the awesome looking disc, which is obv a motorbike speedometer which RULES!!!! hehe

You remove the cd and the pretty bike, the part that holds the disc is tranparent too which is nice.

The bike is also on the back of the album, you also get the Tracklist ofc

You also get this leaflet thing, i can’t read it so i have no idea what it says haha either way its pretty.

Now onto the booklet you see on the left side when the album is open – some pages fold open, its the pages for each member) just thought i would take a photo of one of the folded out pages hehe.

The cover on the booklet is HAWT!!!! i love all these photo’s so much, each page is also glossey which is *SPAZZ*

Ok NOW time for the photo’s of all the pages, do Enjoy!

Page 2+3

page 4+5

Page 6 +7

Page 8 (writing only – no picture) 

 Page 9

Page 10 + 11 (writing only so no picture)

Page 12

Page 13 (Seung Ho – fold out page)

Page 14

Page 15 (G.O + Fold out page)

Page 16

Page 17 (Joon + Fold out page)

Page 18

Page 19 (Thunder + Fold out page)

Page 20

Page 21 (Mir + fold out pages)

Page Last Page

I was dead once i got to the last page, my brain melted to mush i was spazzing and sweating and drooling haha, OMG dear lord they are trying to kill me

Hope you enjoyed all the photo’s


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6 Responses to “MBLAQ [Y] Ablum & Poster”

  1. kkate59 Says:

    Yep. Felt the same about mine when it arrived last week.

  2. chichi Says:

    where did you order it from to get the poster

  3. Lindsey Says:

    Should all the poster be the same size? I mean like you got your MBLAQ Y poster 62 x 45cm but would some places sell them for smaller?

    Thanks in advance ^_^

    • purplezest Says:

      There is only 1 official poster and that is the correct size, i have written it in CM but the place you are looking at could have written the poster size in INCHS which would make the amount less, so i would just check that first XD

  4. Natxhypy Says:

    Thank you so much for share the pictures of your album! Look amazing! Can’t wait to mine arrive! xoxoxo

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