KPOP Earrings

Well when i ordered my MBLAQ Ablum off DVDHeaven i also ordered the G.Dragon poster which you can see here and i ordered Earrings hehehe, Kpop related ofc haha,

Now my taste in jeweley goes all the way from mega girly to what i call as emo style haha (don’t really know a better word to describe it) These are like what i am wearing at the mo 😀 which is a fake ear stretcher in my right ear – no way in hell would i have a real one i just think the earrings are awesome haha. One is from what a member from F.T Island has worn and the other a member from SHINee *GRIN* ooooo its like a puzzle haha. if you can name the person in each group that wore these u deserve a medal or summit huge and awesome haha, maybe a certain person’s banana you have always wanted kekeke 😀

Well time to reveal all to you, the first earring i shall cover is the lonesome one haha – which has been worn by Key from SHINee

SHINee Triangle Piercing (1pc) for $5.11

The Details of this awesome earring  –
-Bar Thickness – 1.2mm,
-Bar Length – 14mm
-Diameter of a Cone 4mm
-Size: 2.1cm * 1cm
-Breadth 0.6cm

You want proof, well here it is Mr hotness wearing said triangle thing in his ear haha – isn’t my wording the best, its nearly midnight so forgive me haha

Ok the funny thing about this earring is its slightly thicker then ur average earring, it fits into my left ear perfectly but was a bit tight in my right ear now most people would just put it in ther left but lonesome earrings ALWAYS go in my right ear so in it went so if you have been lucky enough on twitter to read about me complain i have ear pain well this is why haha, i must say totally worth it though cus it looks AWESOME haha and my ear is only slighty ouchy now WOOT haha.

I am a total spazz how much i love the fact Key has worn this earring/summit nearly exactly the same as this earring before haha – yes Key is my fav member of SHINee if you hadn’t gathered this before now, well now you know hehe

Now onto the second pair – yes i got two in this one haha – iv got so used to just wearing one earing i may just wear one haha, but i shall wear both sometimes maybe *grin*

F.T Island Hong Ki St Triangle E  for $7.15

The Details of these awesome earrings  –
-Size: 1.1*2.2cm

And again i have proof of said earring being worn, its funny cus i would have brought these even if these dudes hadn’t of worn them its just a bonus they have HAHA.

 These both look awesome, i’m glad i got them hehe – i would take photo’s of them in but i am too lazy for that and i am at home soooo yeh – going bk to uni flat 2moro (wed) night though. I will defo be buying more earrings some of them are epic.


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2 Responses to “KPOP Earrings”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    I love the jewelry, girl! Especially the SHINee ear stretcher–that’s hot.

    Great pics too. Wowzer.

    Stephe ^@@^

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