MBLAQ Comeback stage

 YAYNESS, its pure awesome AND SEX and well everything haha

I am just flailing over the 100% awesomeness of this comeback performance wowza i LOVE it, joon ripping open his shirt at the right point ohhh yes he takes after Rain well with knowing exactly when to reveal his abs *thud*

UPDATE: all the links i posted to youtube are no longer working, which i did know would happen and i shall be re-linking as they are posted up – i have relinked Y)


One Better Day

(still looking for an upload of it 😀 )


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4 Responses to “MBLAQ Comeback stage”

  1. Gagne’s goal completes Flyers’ historic comeback against Bruins | NHL focus Says:

    […] MBLAQ Comeback stage « Purplezest's Blog […]

  2. cloudusa Says:

    Yeah, we knew that shirt was coming undone at some point… it was inevitable. J.Tune does not believe in wasting abdominals in any capacity.

    Nah. LOL


  3. what does my name mean Says:

    hi wats your myspace page

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