Rain’s Lost his ‘Magic Stick’

 [I created this post on CloudUSA’s Forum but i thought it would be nice to bring it over to my blog too – its all just for some light fluffy fun]

kekeke i know what you ALL thought as you read this topic title and ofc i did it on purpose out of pure naughtyness.

PurpleZest: Rain you got your breakfast?  
Rain: mhm
PurpleZest: what you have? 

PurpleZest: Hmmmmm sure you did, ok now you have a busy day, we have to find your magic stick, you really can’t remember where you left it?
Rain: Nope *looks away*
PurpleZest: what’s that?
Rain: Nothing!
PurpleZest: Ok Rain you do undersand the concept of YOUR magic stick right? not any kind of stick will do

Rain: Wha? mine? ummmmmm ok but i do like this picture, no puppys here *chuckles*
PurpleZest: ok yes it is sweet, but why no puppys?
Rain: I donno, why a puppy in the first place?
PurpleZest: moving on, ain’t u supposed to be looking for summit
Rain: FINE! oooo here we go
PurpleZest: Very very close but no i’m afraid not, when did u paint the wall red? wow i don’t notice much do

Rain: i could have swarn it was this one, i don’t own many of them you know
PurpleZest: i would hope you only have 1
Rain: Huh?
PurpleZest: Nothing *chuckles* Ok i do hope your still looking
Rain: Maybe i am, maybe i’m not, what about this?
PurpleZest: Rain thats bread! are you trying to not subtly indicated that your hungry?
Rain: Yes! and it was subtle!

PurpleZest: How is that subtle! your holding a whole loaf of bread. where did you even get the bread? you now what never mind that. You have your pizza hut cf to shoot so you can eat there, now put the bread down and step away slowly
Rain: Oh yay pizza, actually i think i will eat everything apart from the pizza

PurpleZest: you sure you’ve got enough food there rain?
Rain: nah but it will do
PurpleZest: Ok are you happy now uv eaten?

PurpleZest: Ooooooooooo K i shall take this blatent happy dance as a yes
PurpleZest: Ok now back to the search,

Rain: your so bossy sometimes

 PurpleZest: wait STOP! RAAAAAAAAAAIN, i didn’t say use this as time to show of ur very sexy back and bum did I? no i do believe i didn’t and for the love of god stop changing your outfit, iv lost count now uv changed more then me stop making me feel bad
Rain: The clothes change themselves actually, has nothing to do with me
PurpleZest: i would love to see that happen
Rain: So would I
PurpleZest: HUH? wait did you just call me bossy?
Rain: ummmm *looks away* what was this thing about a magic stick?
PurpleZest: seriously!!! you need it for your performance which is now in 1hour, dammit ok go get ready and leave it to me
Rain: So i should just mime having it then *Chuckles*
PurpleZest: *storms* off
Rain: i’m gonna be a bad boy *chuckles*
Purplezest: *cough*
Rain: WHA!!! oh its you
Purplezest: your gonna be a bad boy ay?
Rain: ummmm, did u find it
PurpleZest: change the subject why don’t you and yes yes i did, Here
Rain: ofc i trusted all along you would find it *smiles*
PurpleZest: Hmmmm just remember to watch your magic stick
Rain: Ummmmm ok 

PurpleZest: i thought i told you to watch your magic stick

(18+ eyes only – which is all of you anyway but warning anyhow keke)


Rain: Oh CRAP!
PurpleZest: *Chuckles*

Ok randomness over – this is how bored i got haha, ignor all grammer and spelling mistakes i’m special hehe devil



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3 Responses to “Rain’s Lost his ‘Magic Stick’”

  1. Christian Says:


  2. pooja Says:

    hey purpple zest………

    quite funny

    i would love if you post some more ……awesum pictures of rain

  3. ayesha Says:

    i loooooooooveeee YOUUUU RAIN!!!!

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