Rain’s LIPS!!! + Backgrounds + Banana???

Wow I haven’t updated in a while have I, this is due to all my coursework deadlines for Uni all happening over the past 2weeks my last deadline is this friday (14th May)  then i am freeeeee, so many more posts shall be going up after this time but thought I should do a new update cin as its my day off from doing work woot haha. 

*thud* ok i know this picture has no direct relevance to my post (other then its Rain) but i feel its a good intro pic HAHA and Banana kekeke

Iv had a very busy day 2day, my mum came up to Leicester for the day to go shopping and cinema – she arrived at 9 which meant had to get out of bed at 8am and because its me i didn’t go to bed till 5am wooooooooooops but in my defense Rain = Distraction = time flys by = Happy cloud hehe, we spent many many hours walking around i brought some new clothes SHOCK HORROR haha, then we went to the cinema – saw IronMan2 yes i had already seen it with emily on tues or whatever day it was, but my mum also LOVES IronMan/RDJ so ofc i had no issue seeing it again. if it’s a good film i shall see it countless times at the cinema. I wish Ninja Assassin had shown longer so i could have gone more than twice haha. Anyway yeh walking = exercise = tired cloud and i didn’t really get to settle down till 8.30pm but was an awesome day 😀 

When i got back i seemed to have a nice collection of emails from CloudUSA so ofc i spent around $hourS (Yes i do realise i just used $ – keyboard savvy???) over their reading the posts and watching the new videos then rewatching and then watching another 20times for good measure if you wanna know which videos i got stuck on (and i mean SERIOUSLY stuck – i watched again and again and again each time flailing like a child) here they are. 



it’s just the most Adorkable thing EVER!!!!!! 

(Rain’s new samsung Life insurance commerical spots)

 I randomly decided oooo I could make a new background for my Twitter around 11pm – this is mainly due to a laptop upgrade which I shall be covering in another post – (it will involve me fully ripping the Sony Vaio laptop (and i use the word laptop in the loosest sense haha) and also I shall be reviewing and telling you about my spanky awesome new laptop) So yeh my screen size has increased so my twitter bkground needed resizing so I thought meh I shall just make a new one, so far I have only done one but more shall follow. 

My main focus of this background was Rain’s LIPS!!! me and some other clouds love Rains lip, i mean common, how could you not? 

Well this is the finished backgd 😀 ofc its the same as normal, for the actual size click on the image – feel free to use it, it’s why i post it up keke 


Just because they make good backgrounds for phones and ipods etc… here you go – this is how it started off then i built the large version – handy ay haha 











If your not dosed up on these pictures then scroll back up then back down then back up haha

Iv got quite a few online orders on their way too me at the mo and once they all arrive, i shall do a post on them, and it shall also be Rain related cus some awesome Rain items are on their way to me keke 

Drum roll here are the Rain backgrounds, they are posted on the CloudUSA forum but i shall repost them here too just because i can: 

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6378622/ALL%20rain%20Bkgds.rar 33.2MB 

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6378622/New%20Rain%20bkgds.rar 57.9MB 

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6378622/New%20rain%20bkgds.zip 42.2MB 

I’m always making new Rain Backgrounds and shall post them up on my blog as i go – when i remember HAHA 

oooooo I also have the Rain sexy shower vid in my dropbox too sooo here 

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6378622/RAIN-%28-BI-%29-SEXY-SHOWER-2-From-NAN-Rainy-Day-in-Japan%5Bwww.savevid.com%5D.rar 12.5MB

to download either click then save or right click and save either way its the normal download then extract the pictures from the files

hope you all enjoy!


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5 Responses to “Rain’s LIPS!!! + Backgrounds + Banana???”

  1. Tweets that mention Rain’s LIPS!!! + Backgrounds + Banana??? « Purplezest's Blog -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie Smith, Katie Smith. Katie Smith said: FINALLY iv done a new blog post https://purplezest.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/rains-lips-backgrounds-banana/ kekeke, go slobber and enjoy 😀 […]

  2. StarRain Says:

    Awesome Purplezest! I’m a little dizzy right now from all the lips!

  3. purplezest Says:

  4. filmy porno Says:

    Awesome post! Nothing more to explain.

  5. Stephe Says:

    Damn, I had to come back and see this AGAIN.

    How ridiculously AWESOME.

    Damn. It.

    There ought to be a law. *slowly dying*

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