Chocolate Abs Starring Rain and Joon

This is what happens when Twitter convo’s become post’s and isn’t the outcome pure sexiness hehe

The Title and idea for this was thought up by starzinmybelly 

Ok if you havn’t got what i am about to do from the title of this post it generally involves as many pictures as i want of Rain and Joon’s abs *thud*

So if you like Joon or Rain or Abs or all of them together (like me) then this is the post for you hehehe

so i do pre-warn symptoms of viewing this post can vary from fan girl squealing to brain melting and speach issues. Enjoy 😀


Ofc i HAD to finish on this picture *THUD*

hope you enjoyed this as much as i did hehehehe


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11 Responses to “Chocolate Abs Starring Rain and Joon”

  1. starzinmybelly Says:

    Yup, the Rain gifs are definitly working @.@ this is my favorite post ever in the blogging world, thanks 4 all the hard work, I’m sure it was torture, hehe…. My 2 fave guys ❤ *sigh*

    u rock!!! xoxo

    • purplezest Says:

      ahhhh glad to hear they are my internet is being annoying so i couldn’t tell.
      Was torture but a lot of fun to do and had eye candy the whole i was doing it so can’t complain, glad you love the outcome or ur idea 😀 hehe

  2. HoneBIs Says:

    The side by side makes me dizzy.
    Joon is untamed hott and JiHoon overly exploding hott very much tamed and concentrated with cheeky~ I know it.
    Rain’s cut is killer!

  3. Melanie Ng Says:

    My God!!! super comparisons…but our Rain just has to stand still and his sexy charisma wins out against Joon…..Sorry Joon but your no matchfor Rain sexy body.

  4. Jax Says:

    I just realized the grouped pix make great wallpaper 4 my iPod, thanks!!!!

  5. uberVU - social comments Says:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by PurpleZest_:

  6. Terri Says:

    Thanks so much for the warning! I needed it.


    Terri :-}

  7. Got abs? « Cloud USA Says:

    […] » Now head on over to the Purplezest blog and do as she says.  Enjoy.  We’ll still be here when you get back.   […]

  8. kkate59 Says:

    omg this is my fave dream….2 hot men and me.

  9. YOony Says:

    hot hot ………… especial LEE JOON … I LOVE YOU <3<3

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