Iron Man 2

Iv wanted to do a new post but not really had anything to post about so i thought i might do one about a film i am looking forward to seeing. iv had this post in my drafts for a while did if before coming to uni so sept 2009 haha donno why i never posted it. so iv tweaked it and posted it haha.

God i am always so excited about new films and the cinema, even more excited about a film when an actor i like is in it, makes it a whole lot sweeter and ofc as the title of this post sugests i am gonna talk bout Iron man 2 – (before i tweaked it Sherlock holmes was also in this post but that already been out in the cinema and some that are in the cinema kick ass and Alice in wonderland haha – but seen them so that can be for another post if Rain don’t distract me haha)


I have been waiting for this film since i walked out the cinema after watching Iron Man 1 HAHA thats how confident i was that it ruled and i was right didn’t take them long to confirm they were making a second one haha. Well i am sure you all know everything about this film and if not why not????? ther is no excuse thats what google and IMDB is for

Here are some pics from the film 😀


Sexy RDJ in his even sexier iron man suit

 ow god how i would love to own my own iron man suit – just soooo cool


i think he broke his toy -awwww bless him

 Love this pic everything is just so perfect right down to the last spec of destruction


Tony Stark looking a bit more peeved

 But still looking fine 😀


Then of course throw in a classic pic

 I’m sure he can spare one of them iron man suits for me 😀

Well i am too lazy to write anything else it is 1.13am and i have done other pages and what not so i think fun time shall be had now 😀 which means RAIN 😀 maybe on a treadmill hehehe (that ones for Stephe)

This is hip song rock tonight WOOOOOOOOO


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