Ok i know i havn’t updated in a while and i know all my recent post’s have been about Bi Rain and i’m not sorry for that HAHA 😀

 Iv been creating some new pages which shall be added soon but shall be still marked as under construction hehe and iv doing uni work seeing as all my deadlines are fast approaching and i mean fast haha.

i shall defo be doing loads and loads of posts once this yr of uni has finished which i can’t wait for (around 5weeks from now).

My next update shall be when i have eveything i ordered which i think the B2TB album will be the last to arrive and i shall have pictures and epicness for you to read and see – this will also be a Rain related post.

I shall do a nice post 2nite though i think with some awesome pictures and gifs which shall involve all ‘my’ boys 😀 and i shall try and have the new pages added 2nite too

and to end here is Hip song


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One Response to “HEHEHE :D”

  1. ATL Says:


    Go to this site. Adam Lambert fans making last minute attack to take No 1 spot away from Rain.

    Vote Time 100

    Slide marker to 100% and type in the letter in box and hit submit.

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