Bi Rain Art by me

Ok yes I am late posting this, didn’t realise I would be as busy as I was. I gave you the sneak peek yesterday so that should have wet your appetite for now hehe. 

Well when I get bored I do stuff and recently it been messing with Bi Rain images cus I can haha. Thought I would share a few of them with you – I shall post the normal image size one’s first then the background sized ones and ofc again click on them to get the full EPIC sized version. 

Ok i will not explain them all cus that will take too long, but here is a sample of some off the stuff I have done. Also if you want me to do your favourite picture of rain or who ever I can just link me to the picture (the better the quality = better result). and tell me which style you like and colour preference and I shall see what I can knock up and I can post it up for you to collect 😀 

Ok well first off a random Gif I created, shall be doing more of these – if you want a certain one creating tell me and I shall see what I can do 😀 


Ok now onto the images. My fav colours are pink and purple so you shall see these colours used a LOT haha, also if u love one but would prefer it in a diff colour tell me and i shall change it and email it too you (this means providing your email when you comment). 

First off is my favourite one – looks absolutely AMAZING as a background just wuuuuv it sooo much. 

the full version - click for full size

Here is the background sized one – this one has blue eyes unlike the one above, if you prefer no blue eyes click on the image above and resize it and crop it to get the same image. 

My current background - click for full size

yummyness - click for full size

 And ofc not forgetting the background version 

Background version - click for full size

Ahhh my colour making another appearance 

Rainism - click for full size

 Rain in different colour’s using the image above (clearly not the rainism one haha the one above tht) 

Colours - click for full size

 A bit more abstract, smudgy almost lol, red and black yummyness 

Smudgy - click for full size - background size

 Smile time 😀 

Anyone order a smile? - Click for full size - bkgd size

 Had to get some more rainism tucked in here hehe 

More smexy rainism - click for full size - bkgd size

And in a diff colour

 now for another more arty one 

La deh dah hehe, Click for full size - bkgd size

 Back to the smexyness of the first style with added BODY hehe 

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how i LOVE this one, looks AWESOME as a background – tis ofc from his new B2TB album – the images i mean haha – but ofc you should know this – those gorgeous eyelash’s give it away hehe.  

The PURE smexyness - click for full size - bkgd size

 Now i LOVE wings and i LOVE rain so rain with wings = pure pure heaven so ofc i have some of him from the Rain’s world album – using the same smexy affect as the first image, using my fav colour’s ofc hehe 

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

*thud* - click for full size - bkgd size

 Well this is all for now but i am sure this is plenty enough to keep you happy haha. 

Please comment if you are going to take any 

Love to hear any feedback, as i always do hehe

Don’t repost without asking  or claim for your own. 

WordPress has a feature that means i know if you have clicked the image mwhahaha not that i will hunt you down but please just use for personal use, i am sure being fellow clouds you shall. 

I shall post more up soon i’m sure and if you have any request’s also just comment below

Hope you have enjoyed looking as much as i enjoyed making them


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6 Responses to “Bi Rain Art by me”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Mmmmmmmm! Holy smokes.

    You have GOT to give me permission to feature your Black and White Rainism and your Purple Angel on Cloud USA. Pretty please. With sugar and spice on top.



  2. cloudusa Says:

    K, I forgot to say… I love the Warhol-like Colours pic too. Brilliant.

    Heck, good job on everything.

    Now I’m done.


  3. ATL Says:,28804,1972075_1972078_1972165,00.html

    Go to this site. Adam Lambert fans making last minute attack to take No 1 spot away from Rain.

    Vote Time 100

    Slide marker to 100% and type in the letter in box and hit submit.

  4. bet365 Says:

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  5. lovelyme Says:

    Ooooooo! I love your style, great job!

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