B2TB: “Love Song” Full MV + Screen shots

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *THUD* HOLY C**P  its pure awesomeness 😀  it covers all the bases – i’m still in shock. Wow he suprise’s me everytime, it was sooooo much more then i was expecting.

The dancing ooooo the dancing hehehe, and the eye’s omg *thud* sooo much i could cover I LOVEEEEE IT.

He included my favourite thing too SHIRT RIPPING then NO SHIRT omfg ahvdbiasdhiowudvqwdljwuobuwdbwqbd i am sooooo in heaven right now hehehe.

Here are some lovely print screen from the MV – they are in a random order haha.

The outfit is amazing

OMG imagine waking up and seeing this, nfoivrebwvhiabvb – just opening your eyes and boom a smily rain looking at u EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE omg must breath. his smile is soooooo dreamy

*THUD* omg omg omg

Roar hehe

Ahhh the pain he shows here is just amazing, looking at it makes me feel his pain too

You can see the pain

I think he needs a hug


Ok now time for SKIN SOOOOO MUCH SKIN hehe

*THUD* Shirtlessness YAY

omg skin hehe


Shirtless heaven

ooooooo oily

Boys boys boys - serious eye candy hehehe

I saved my favourite till last, SHIRT RIPPING YAYNESS

Nobody rips a shirt like rain

Ofc us clouds want to see many angles of this and i think Rain new this and so we got many angles and from different distances I AM IN HEAVEN hehehe

ooooooooo hehe

I love how he can pull off every look in the book just amazing, and having so many looks all working together in one song and video its pure genious – Rain is one clever guy i mean WOW its just amazing. If you don’t believe me yet watch for yourself 😀

(I found this link on CloudUSA)

Thankfully someone has posted it on youtube as a full video.

If you go to CloudUSA they also have the links to the video on facebook – randomly its in parts, donno why its better quality but if you want to see it as one long thing watching it on youtube is better and you can increase the quality.

Hope you love it as much as i do 😀


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2 Responses to “B2TB: “Love Song” Full MV + Screen shots”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    The quality is the best because it’s J.Tune. 🙂 But I cannot for the life of me figure out why J.Tune divided the MV up like that. Surely Rain didn’t tell them to do it–I wonder if he’s even noticed. And surely Facebook allows someone to upload video that lasts under five minutes without any problem? I mean 3:50 minutes is nothing.

    I don’t know… *shrug*


    • purplezest Says:

      yeh i think it has like a 10min maximum – maybe because it was a HD file the size could have been to big so they had to split it up. who knows haha
      I am just happy i can sit here and watch it over and over again.

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