Everything has been shipped :D

Just thought i would do a quick update on all the stuff i ordered among other things.

Well its April 1st today, which is april fools and my mum’s birthday and was Bi Rain’s new album release day but due to the Cheonan tragedy it has been put back till the 7th so that will not be shipped till the 8th or 9th now i think. But for the things i have ordered normally they have all been shipped.

My signed Rainism Album was posted on 30th march by EMS, and landed in Heathrow yesterday Wooooooo, so i am hoping it shall be delivered either Mon or Tues if it arrives any earlier i will be amazed haha.

My Rain’s World Poster was also sent on the 30th march. but that will take around 2weeks or under and is going to my uni accommo anyway hehe. The Rain’s world CD was sent on the 31st march hehe and should take around the same amount of time as poster. oooooooo I can’t wait hehe.

I shall be posting up the Bi rain images 2nite too hehe


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2 Responses to “Everything has been shipped :D”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Happy birthday to your mum and my dad. 🙂


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