Bi Rain Sneak peek

Well 2moro (tech 2day cin as its nearly 2am haha) i shall be posting some of my special backgrounds and altered photo’s of Rain which i love 😀 – i would do it now but it takes a while so though a sneak peak now and the full things 2moro shall be nice.

I shall give u 4 sneak peaks

The full one of this is my background at the mo

Hotness from B2TB



 I shall post the real things 2day around 7pm i think or later depending on how lazy i am


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4 Responses to “Bi Rain Sneak peek”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    You are such a tease! Naughty girl! hahahaha


  2. Hyper Clown Says:

    oooooooooooooooo wow they already look amazing, can’t wait till you post the real ones 😀

  3. Robin Says:

    Beautiful work!!! I love them

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