Bi Rain B2TB New pictures + Love song full audio

Well i have already seen the smaller versions but i found the larger ones – one of which is already my background because it’s just soooooooooooooooooooooo damn smexy its unreal.

Ok seeing as two are black and white and two are colour i shall do alternates haha. and i shall end with the smex that is being used for my background eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And ofc the saying again is for the larger version click on them – seeing as have to reduce them for the post or they don’t fit on – this mainly apply to the landscape ones.

I must say i do prefer the shorter hair ones, all of them are omfg HOT *thud* but me likely these ones best hehe.


Prepare yourself for the hotness, and maybe sit down if prone to fainting hehe – no really i ain’t lying they are that HOT enjoy 

We shall start of with a taster as it were, yummy awesome taster though


Ok now for the real omfg smex time hehe

Now for some colour – may alter this one at a later date to make an awesome background, when i saw this one i did kinda go aibfIBSDFKIoahndfjBFenwopfnewFB AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMG – while flailing around in happiness


Ain’t it just the most jaw dropping smex you’ve seen in a while

Back to the basic – hehehe mean b&w booom baby

WOW just WOW

UPDATE: cloudUSA just added a colour ver of this smexy one so thought i would just add it in hehe

UPDATE: ok i found an EVEN BIGGER version on another website: here we go

Boom, click for mega large ver hehe


Yes now its time for my background hehehe, seriously just looooooooooooooook at it, i don’t think my heart can take it hehe

*picking myself up off the floor*

ok random comment – Uk weather is just brill ain’t it haha, i say this because a sheet of rain just fell – and i mean a bloody heavy one and now the Sun has gone BOOM and its now sunny stupid weather – this was in the space of a few minutes too. all i want is sun and warm weather we keep getting the sun but not warmth haha. ok now bk to smex hehe.

And here is the promised Love song audio video – it’s just amazing, iv listened to it over and over again and each time i find new reasons why i love it SOOOOO much

And an update on the items i ordered Yesterday: the autographed Rainism Album has been sent out 2day and so has the Rain’s world poster eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, mega fast of them loooooove ebay.

Ooooo Yeh and vote for Rain in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards! – if you want more information go here to CloudUSA they have done a very nice post on it, explaining everything


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7 Responses to “Bi Rain B2TB New pictures + Love song full audio”

  1. Rain’s “Sad Tango” Music Video :The Longtail Music Catalog Says:

    […] Bi Rain B2TB New pictures + Love song full audio « Purplezest's Blog […]

  2. Hyper Clown Says:


    i have been looking for bigger versions of these pictures for a while now, i too prefer the shorter hair pictures. not a huge fan of the longer hair but most of the time it looks nice.

    eeeeeeee i see my new pc background

  3. cloudusa Says:

    “… Na neun oh dduk keh… na neun oh dduk keh… jaebal, oh jaebal… saranghae… ”

    Oh poor baby! Can you hear my heart breaking. I have got to stop singing this SONG.


    • purplezest Says:

      iv lost count of how many times iv sang it haha – its just amazing. i’m in love – if it is possible to be in love with a song i say it is and i am hehe

  4. torontogal Says:

    Can someone tell me how a guy’s skin can be so flawless??!! His pores are the smallest I’ve ever seen on a guy…. make that girls, too. I don’t think his pictures need Photoshop at all…… *sigh*

  5. Robin Says:

    These pictures are awesome!!! I am speechless; Rain, Rain Rain anytime in my life

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