Bi Rain’s Many pictures, gifs and Afro????

Well this post is just filled with Rain, as the title sugests pictures and gifs woooooo


I have an inkling rain wuuuuuvs the camera hehehe

Ok now you might be wondering why the post title read Bi rain Afro?????? well i was getting bored so though i would post some randomly cute photo’s of rain and in one he is wearing an Afro so there you go. And here ofcourse is the picture of this said event.   


Funny and cute at the same time – now all i need to see is rain with a mohawk – if you have this picture why have you not covered the internet with this images ay???? well i hope it happens one day even if it is a wig haha.    

 Well i might as well continue the theme of random images, all of rain ofc haha. ok iv collected A LOT iv narrowed it down but ther r still many so if it loads slow just know it is TOTALLY worth it. when is rain not hehe.    


 Well to start off with my background image hehe and continue randomly from there randomly ending on some very sexy Gif’s like the adorable one above hehe.    

 Ok just to point out some of these images are full lappy background size – so if you click on them you shall get the full size.    

Rain wants you to view all his pictures hehe

  How could you not love this image, its just pure pure smex and rain in pink never fails 

Hehehehehe just adorkable

Rain with wings - click for larger

  Ok one of my many wants has been fufilled – rain with wings and bloody AMAZING wings at that    

The smile

 This smile could melt anyones heart – i love smiles and Rain has an awesome one, ahhhhh happyness hehe. 

I think *THUD* covers it

  Wow i think someone turned the heat up 


 Poor Rain getting beat up in Speed Racer – i never had a reason to EVER watch this film till rain – its an ok film but i don’t think what they wanted to do worked but Rain was AWESOME in it 😀 worth a watch just for him.  


  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww covers it i think hehe  

the perfection that is his hair

Seriously how does he do it – i can never get my hair looking THAT amazing, he just looks soooo adorable

oooooo smokin - click for large ver

I think the hotness in this picture speaks for itself 


The shirtless wonder

 BOOM THUD hehe, even Rain can pull off its hot so i’m shirtless but i want to wear my hat ooooo the smexyness

Sleepy time hehehe - click for large ver

 Anyone feeling sleepy?

Awwww the cuteness - click for large ver

I lovvvvvvvvvvvve this film soooo much, and Rain’s character RULES, hes so very very adorable in it – if you still haven’t seen it THEN SEE IT – what are you waiting for??????  

Awwwwwwww the smile hehe

100% perfection

 I just love this photo sooooooo much, the hair the glasses – i can’t explain it, he just looks perfect

He brought you flowers

Kiss anyone?

 Now who wouldn’t kiss him, seriously cute hehehe,

Hes the dream

 Another 100% dreamy photo – makes me smile everytime

oooooo the hotness*thud* Had to throw some ninja rain in here hehe

 Ofc Rain is not Rain without his secret Ninja side, which i loveeee and i am sure you love it just as much



hehehe - bkgd size - click for large

Rain on a motorbike i must be dreaming - click for large veri'm gonna be corny now - vrooom vroooom hehehow adorable does he look here

 i’m just speachless for hot cutely adorablely awwww he looks here

More mtbike smex - click for larger ver

HOTNESS - click for larger ver

 This awesome picture has been my background so many times – and on my phone at this very moment – i normally change my background daily cus i have too many awesome pictures.

Ok just because this post is amazing (due to Rain not me haha) i am going to add some moving rain, 

Time out

Hehe god i could watch this looping foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

scary heli hehe

i have one of these, they are well scary when you hold them haha


awwwwwwwwwwwww, god he looks at the camera soooo hot

Peace out hehehe

Awwwwwwwww the cuteness, peace out sweeeeeety

and to end – how about rain ripping his shirt off hehehe

Oooooooo yessssss hehe

 Well that is all for now haha, i shall do another one of these again soon i am sure, hope you enjoyed the reading/viewing of the smex.


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6 Responses to “Bi Rain’s Many pictures, gifs and Afro????”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Girl, you are hilarious! You are definitely a Cloud, with all of this in one post LOLOLOL

    A lot of my favorite stuff. I wub you for posting it all. I can’t believe I get to look at all of this at one time–great!

    (In the order that you have them…) One of my fav scenes from A Love To Kill, with “Bokgu” showing a side that he never did again after that, taking those pics of himself ROFL. And the Santokki Wild Rabbit afro wig–we’ll have to talk about that one day, I don’t think there is room here now for the explanation I’d have to give… Awwww, he’s hiding his face from Han JiEun! Awww, hot Rainism!

    SK Telecom 2010 commercial spot, the Rain’s Coming tour logo, some talk show I guess, a Six To Five photoshoot… yep yep, Speed Racer… more Six To Five photo shooting, ahhhh–blowing his hair dry in High Cut Magazine! Nature Republic… more Rain’s Coming tour… Rain in Miami on the boat! Rain in Love Story! Cyborg! Rain being interviewed by Shin Han Cheul! Modeling for Pantech. Modeling for Lotte. Starring on Family Outing wearing a hoodie! haha

    Oh, that hot HB Card commercial with Hyori. Modeling for KBOOM. Modeling for Samsung. Is that more Family Outing? Modeling for Samsung. Ooooh, MiiOw Sports with all that power between his legs. Twice. Modeling for his official site. Filming a commercial for SKTelecom with Jang Dong Gun. Accepting a helicopter gift from a club in Hong Kong. Is that a commercial for LG X-note? An “Only You” performance! And last but certainly not least, my favorite Rainism performance on MKMF in 2008.

    Thanks for this amazing walk down memory lane. You’re the best. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^

    • purplezest Says:

      hehe, seriously ther were soooooooooo many more i wanted to add but i narrowed it down after much much faffing around haha.

      and yeh i would love an explaination for the wig hehe, and thanks for the great explaination of where they all came from, i new most but i few i didn’t so thank you for that. 😀

      i shall do one again sometime in the future but it will prob be after i finish all my uni work hehe.

      O and check out my new post – i need help on which rain poster to buy 😀 hehe

  2. cloudusa Says:

    Oh, and btw, your new header is GORGEOUS.

    Stephe ^@@^

  3. Hyper Clown Says:

    WOW god its like iv come across heaven with your blog, its just pure epic Rain – and thanks for linking to CloudUSA i had no idea that blog existed either and thats fully dedicated WOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Wow these pics and gifs are amazing, i am snagging most of them hehe and what’s with Rain in the afro? i would also like to know CloudUSA.

    i like how u saved the shirt ripping till last hehehehe epic rain moment to end on

  4. nisa Says:

    i love rain so much……..he so cute……………………oppa neomu neomu sarang hae………..

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