Pre-Ordered Back to the Basic (Bi Rain new special album)

Ok I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer, I am bouncing around the room with excitement hehe 😀 

New Album Cover

 I just LOVE the album cover its just pure smex hehe. 

Well if you are a fan of Bi Rain then you shall definitely know of his new special album which is coming out on the 1st April Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee which is called Back to the basic and features smexy rain ofc. 

here is the Rain Special Album 30s Teaser_ Back to the Basic 


I have pre-ordered it from YesAsia – You shall find the link to the exact page HERE this is the Global yesasia site if you live in America or Canada you will want to go HERE it’s generally because of the shipping and what not. 

I discovered that YesAsia had it in due to Cloud USA which is an awesome blog dedicated to Rain which i do check nearly everyday or more than once a day – yes i am THAT obsessed and i love it 

Well the album is Pre-Ordered at $12.99 which is around £8.66 which is just awesome, The list price is £12.65 so you shall save: £4.00 (that’s 32%) wooo – i did not work that out it’s on YesAsia haha. 

UPDATE: Cloud USA just updated with a new link where you can buy the Album + Poster here with the poster they are selling it for just under$15 which is awesome 😀 

The album is only a special so contains 5 songs 

1. The song to capture you
2. Hip Song
3. One
4. Same
5. Love Song (English Ver.) 

The expected release date is the 7th April if this is true it should defo reach me before the 20th April. I won’t be able to collect it till i get bk to uni anyway seeing as i will be at home over the easter hols, So shall be an awesome thing to come bk and get eeeeeeeeeee. 

And ofc have to end on an epic piccy 

Boom the hotness

 Soooooooo happy right now. 😀 This piccy is just EPIC hehe squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee god i can’t wait till i am holding the CD listening to him sing. 


Another amazingly SMOKIN HOT picture 


All images are thanks to Cloud USA – visit if you haven’t yet its worth a look then add it too your fav’s or bookmark whichever you prefer 😀 

UPDATE: i have pre-ordered 2, yes very naughty of me but but my defense is I WANT 2, and it’s not much money, and waiting for ninja assassin to come out on blue ray or dvd in the UK is killing me – 17th of April its just evil, getting closer though hehe. i ordered the second one off dvd heaven with the poster – i am a poster holic, if you could see my room you would understand – i have 11 huge posters on my walls, 6smaller ones, then photographs and mag cut outs. i have posters ontop of posters for easy changing when the mood hits me HAHA wow i’m rambling, its the new piccy tht did it, its got me all excited – which ain’t really i good thing at 2am is it lol.

Who else has pre-ordered it???????


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11 Responses to “Pre-Ordered Back to the Basic (Bi Rain new special album)”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Terri has ordered it!

    Thanks again for the Asia Global link. With all the order links we have now, everyone should be able to get their smexy-on. Hehehe.

    Nice post…!

    Stephe ^@@^

    • purplezest Says:

      Wooo, good to hear – iv ordered 2 *Grin* i am glad i could help, all us Rain fans need to help each other out – Spread the love 😀 haha.

      And thankyou – iv only just redone the header thought it was time for an update 😀

      – may update with the new picture on your blog 😀 its just too hot. the more pictures i get the bigger my grin hehe

  2. gigi Says:

    will this be available overseas or just in korea?!

  3. meimi132 Says:

    Omg……. 2??? You preordered 2?! Crazy girl….. tho I can see myself ordering two of things if Haruma released albums/singles….lol

    • purplezest Says:

      well one comes with a poster – not that i know what this poster will look like but its bound to be pure smex haha. and omg yes if Haruma did i would also buy too, god he really needs to release an album putting one song on repeat rules but more would be amazing haha

  4. Sarah Says:

    Hey i am also from the UK, i thought i would have to wait until it came out until us in the uk could get, due to all the main links on other sites are not english lang.
    so thank you for posting the links to the sites that we can pre-order it from, i’m ordering my copy now

    can’t wait till it comes

  5. Hyper Clown Says:

    OMG 2 EPIC, i see your logic of one has a poster so you had too haha.

    i have just pre-ordered the normal one so i shall be coming back to your blog to find out what the poster looks like. and yes defo prefer the shorter haired pictures

  6. mawada Says:

    ii love album cover it’s amizing and the pictuers he’s so sexsyyyyyyy

  7. I Wanna Have Sex With YOU Says:

    I ♥ RAIN:) 🙂 🙂
    He’s soooo hot!!!

  8. sara Says:

    i love this album

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