Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard review

Well i got the keyboard on sat, not from WH Smiths like i said before because i cancelled that order due to the fact i ordered it on a tues and by saturday they hadn’t even dispatched the item yet after them saying on their website that it would be dispatched within 3days i think they just said they had the item in stock but didn’t really which is very very annoying and i shall not be using them again due to this fact. 

Instead i reserved it at PC World for £29.99, if i hadn’t of reserved it the instore price was £45 – a massive £15 difference its insane. so was very glad when i did reserve it because it’s a 30min walk to the pc world in Leicester from my location and it was raining but i had my ipod so was nicely entertained. due to the rain i also took an extra bag so the box wouldn’t get wet so glad i did. 

Well onto the keyboard. Heres the box, most of the Logitech box’s for there keyboards are the same so you can easily spot them on the shelf. Nice simple design, clearly telling you the important features of this particular keyboard 

Front of the box

On the back of the box it has some more details so you can easily find the piece of information you want to know about the keyboard on the back. 

Back of the box

In most Logitech keyboard box’s you also get this white fold open box which contains the keyboard along with everything else you get. The keyboard came with the normal sleeve over it but for the purpose of the photo i took it off. you can just see the use above the keyboard. 

The keyboard in the box

This is everything you get in the box, The keyboard itself ofcourse, the Unifying receiver (in other words the wireless usb thing haha), the extension lead for the receiver, the manual, important info fold out thing and a what do you think leaflet. the keyboard also comes with the batteries which are already in the compartment. 

The contents of the box

Ofcourse i threw away the paper parts – if you need to look at the manual to work out how to use a keyboard sheeeeesh lol. i also put away the extender cin as i won’t be needing it – i will never be far enough away from my computer to need to use it. 

Heres the Unifying receiver which you can attach up to 6 wireless Logitech devices too – I haven’t tried my mx air on it yet – i shall do that at a later date when i have more free time. i just plugged it into one of my usb slots and the computer added the device i turned on the laptop and i was away its that simple. 

The unifying receiver

The usb extender is incase you are too far away from the receiver to get a single so you plug this into your usb then plug the reciever in the end so then can can reach futher. very handy but i doubt i shall use it, you never know though.

the usb extention for the unifying receiver

The AWESOME red background to the keys, it add a very nice design feature to the keyboard and everyone who has seen it so far love it 😀 and I LOVEEEE it. 

The red behind the keys

Here is the back of the keyboard, and the open battery compartment, the cover fits securely and snug 

The back of the keyboard – battery case open

 The low profile keys, which is what i wanted so it wouldn’t be too different from typing on my laptop ofc its hard to find a keyboard which has completely flat keys like my laptop so low profile are the best option, and i have used them for 3days now (and written a 3000 word essay on them and they are very easy to use. Not too loud either, my laptop ones are silent which is prob why i noticed haha. this pictures shows up the pretty pretty red behind the keys too

the keyboard - keys 😀

This keyboard is a compact one so its slim and light but heavy enough to feel quality – if that makes any sense. it don’t feel tacky – feels like a good quality keyboard, which i loveeeee. 

how slim it is

Ahhh the on and off switch, this is so you can turn it off and on yourself but you don’t have to seeing as this keyboard turns itself off after a certain period of you not using it anyway but if like me you like to make sure things are off this is very useful. you can also just see the light – (well it only lights up when you turn it on to show you uv turned it on haha and that there is still power left). the batteries are supposed to last up to 3years but ofc i can’t say yes they do or no they don’t. you can make up your own mind. but i think depending on use they could make 3years. 

The on off switch

Ok there is a little compartment in the battery compartment that can hold the Unifying receiver which i think is very very handy. very helpful for carrying around so you don’t lose it. 

the compartment in the back for the usb

Heres the receiver in the slot, very good of them do add it.  

Now the full awesomeness of this keyboard it’s very good, no delay when typing iv had no issues with the wireless, and iv been down the corridor to type and it still works haha amazing really. the design is awesome you can’t go wrong with the amazing red behind the keys. it looks good and performs amazingly.

The awesome keyboard

I give this keyboard a full 10/10 Logitech have never let me down so far and they still ain’t i am so very very very happy i got this keyboard. if you have any questions ask 😀 i am happy to answer anything. 

Thanks for reading

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13 Responses to “Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard review”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Wow… I love that red under the black keys. And the low profile. Nice.

    And the affordable price. Sweet.

    Thanks for posting this review, k.

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the top notch review

    i was unsure if i should get it but after reading this its a defo yes and great tip about reserving it online at pc world – £15 is a huge difference and i wouldn’t of known about it if you hadn’t said so thanks also for saving me money

  3. Troop Says:

    Nice review. What kind of battery life can you get with this?

    • purplezest Says:

      Thankyou 😀
      Well i have been running it flat out since i got it and its still fine, they say a few years for each time you swap the batteries which can be true but i think that will depend on the quality of battery,
      Your not gonna be changing the battery often lets just say that 😀

  4. LOGITECH K340 WIRELESS KEYBOARD | Quality Products Blog Says:

    […] logitech k340 wireless keyboard purplezest.wordpress.com […]

  5. danielnsentana Says:

    i wanna ask, do you have problem with pad number and ctrl. because i cannot type smoothly in number pad and ctrl. at ctrl button must type with two finger if by one finger not smoothly. are this problem also happen on you? i have come to autorizhed logitech keyboard surya chandra but they doing nothing. only clean something like glue on my pad number. really sad. i have logitech mice but it work well… thank you.

    • purplezest Says:

      oh no i am afraid i haven’t had this issue…if it hasn’t been fixed i would directly write to logitech, sometimes they can replace the product for free (if its a glitch in the keyboard) or give you a discount off another one…its worth a shot 😀

      Yeh i love logitech but its like everything every once in a while there is gonna be summit wrong 😀

      hope you sort out the issue

  6. bernardhstein Says:

    Awesome review! I also give this logitech wireless keyboard a 10/10!

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    Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard review | Purplezest’s Blog

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