Ordered Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard

I have wanted a separate keyboard for a while now, generally so i can use my laptop from my bed cin as here (uni accommo) the only internet option is cable and the cable is not long enough and my laptop is a Sony Vaio so it being on for more than one second makes it too hot so the obvious solution was just to get a wireless keyboard. 

Ow yeh i am forgetting to mention i have my laptop hooked up to my tv and i have a Logitech MX Air mouse (which RULES – had it for ages now should prob do a review lol) so the only thing missing is the keyboard so i can sit in bed view my laptop via the tv and be snuggly. 

The only constraints I had was defo not paying more than £30 for this keyboard, it had to be wireless, good reviews, compact – don’t really want a HUGE one haha, and it had to have more laptop keys than PC keys (if you get what i mean cus laptop ones are flat compared to the old pc huge buttons haha) – ok heres an image to make it really obv what i am on about 

To show you what i mean - pc keys ontop, my laptop keys on the bottom

 Well i searched through many brands most had wireless keyboards but not many had good reviews or people seemed to mention the same issue over and over again so that put me off i decided to go with a Logitech keyboard in the end seeing as i have brought their products before (MX Air) which is also a wireless device which iv never had any issues with, and the designs of there keyboards were generally the nicest ones – yes i also buy the product on the look if it works amazing but looks shite i won’t be buying it haha. 

I went round to macro first and that is where i found the wired K300 but of course i didn’t want to buy a wired one so, but found a wireless version K340 at pc world which was nearly exactly the same – some slight changes ofc haha but for the better i thought, 

The box for the keyboard

They had one on display so i could have a play wooooo, PC World were selling it for £39.99 but i knew i could find it cheaper online – the same with nearly everything these days ay. so i came home and searched most places had it for £30 but WH Smiths had it for £27 – i did find a place that sold it for £22 but i had never heard of the site before and it looked naff so paying a bit more for a brand i know well and have ordered from before is fine with me also with WH Smiths it was free P&P which I LOVEEEEEEEEEE to see seeing as i think paying for the delivery is evil. 

Well here are some pictures of the keyboard cus i know your just dying to see. 

Its got a very stylish design, a nice shiny black surface so it will match my MX Air, and the background to the keys is red which makes it look AMAZING – you can’t really see it very well from the pictures but the red looks very very stylish. and red and black together is always a win. 

Front of the smexy keyboard

The keyboard is compact but not soooo much that you can’t type – its laptop size i suppose which is what i am used too and want. it’s also thin and light which is also a bonus. 

It looks very nice

This is the thing Logitech call the Unifying receiver which you plug into your computer so you can use the keyboard, you can attach up to 6 compatible devices to it which is nifty is it not, saves on usb slots haha. 

Logitech Unifying receiver

The keyboard runs on 2 AA batteries which Logitech say will last up to year3’s, i will let you decide if you believe that or not, the on off switch is on the top right and you get the light which tells you if it’s on, also if you don’t use it for a certain amount of time it switches itself off – just have to start typing again to re activate which is awesome, seeing as i will clearly forget to turn it off often. 

Shiney keyboard

 I will be doing a review on the keyboard once i receive it and have used it for a while, can’t really review it without testing it for a while.


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