Well me and Meimi132 watched Rookies it was awesome hehe, it came about because of Haruma (ok there is a larger back story, but if you want that – check out the dedicated jdrama page (in the right hand bar). so yeh Haruma, emily and me decided to expand our jdrama search and we came across Rookies and several other awesome jdramas (again look to the jdrama page for more info – detailing all the awesome ones we have found so far – watched, watching and ones we have yet to watch haha.) Lots of the actors in the jdramas cross over to other ones so we generally tag onto an actor and see what other awesome things hes been in (Actors page is coming soon) it fun to try and stop them but it does get confusing sometimes. 

Ok on with Rookies, this was a drama that i wasn’t exactly squeeeeing around the room with excitement about but it looked good, and i must say i never expected to become addicted and miss it now that we have finished watching it – but ofc i keep watching some episodes to get rid of the pain HAHA. Who knew that a series about baseball could be so awesome ay??????? we often found our selves shouting at the screen OMG it was just so exciting haha. the fights and manly crying sessions they have are awesome too don’t think they went through an ep without a fight and one of them crying haha – which just made it all the more awesome and loveable. 

Well must have a clean and dirty version haha – here are all the epic players

And the thing i loved the most it when they said BAKA!!!! haha, i mean it’s an awesome word anyway but the way they say it just adds a new level of AWESOME and the awesome sentence you just can’t help yourself loving is 

“Flourish in your Dreams! Sparkle in Tomorrow! Aim for Koshien! By: Kawato Koichi” which Kawato Koichi (Sato Ryuta) says. 

oooo iv talked a lot now time for a look at the awesome character that makes Rookies what it is. 

Kawato Koichi (Sato Ryuta) 

Well i suppose first off i should start with the teacher, hes the new teacher in the school he got fired from his last job for punching a kid out of a window (ouchy) haha. of course meimi will say accidentally causing him to fall out the window haha. Meimi really loves this dude, yes he has an awesome smile but nothing else – shes gone through and found other stuff he’s been in haha. He is the character that drives the baseball team – supports them and on occasion has punching fights with a few of the players or coaches *cough cough* HAHA. he’s kinda an adorable dork, his smile seems to get him out of a lot. 

Yagi Toko (Murakawa Eri) 

 The team manager. Close to Aniya it seems, calls him ‘Kei-chan’ lol. she is generally the only main female in the cast. Dont really have much to say about her. i seem to have concentrated more on the guys haha. 

Aniya Keiichi (Ichihara Hayato) 

Aniya is kinda the lead i suppose but they all seem to have the same amount of air time but hes player 1 (the best player) so we shall call him the lead haha. I must say at the beginning didn’t really like this character – seemed to pretty boy but as the episodes went on he got much more likable and we found our self cheering him on. Each player seems to have another player that they go around with for Aniya its Shinjo 😀 donno why but it did help us recognise them at the beginning. This dude also looks better when he wears his baseball cap – i think it’s just the hair in the programs that does him no favours haha And ofcourse can’t forget this dude saying baka – he says it a lot haha LOVE IT

Shinjo Kei (Shirota Yu) 

 Ahhh Shinjo, already watched this dude in Samurai high school, playing a weedy geek type, so to then watch Rookies were he plays a ‘Bad boy’ was quite amusing lol. He has some anger issues, at one point he smashed Sekikawa’s (mohawk) head through a window – this made he like his character even less, cin as mohawk is one of my fav characters. But yes i said but he carry’s round photo’s of all his mates with him – clearly the type that needs friends but ofc won’t admit it. Shinjo got his episode too but ofc he was the last one to join the club being all manly and wotnot lol 

Mikoshiba Toru (Koide Keisuke) 

 suppose hes the weed of the group, hes the none fighter but gets punched and hurt quite often – hes the first to join the baseball team due to his longing to play, hes adorable and you gotta wuuuv him, i think he crys the most of all the players they all have there manly crying session but Mikoshoba had the most i think haha. hes paired with Sekikawa 😀 hehe 

Sekikawa Shuta (Nakao Akiyoshi) 

 My second fav character of the lot, shirtless at one point *Drools* haha, and awesome hair we nicknamed him mohawk how can you not with awesome hair like that haha. hes an awesome character – decides the new teacher is good early on and joins the club woooo 😀 he gets a few punches thrown his way, hes the mega fast runner on the team hehe. his Mohawk never seemed to drop either it was very dedicated HAHA. 

Wakana Tomochika (Takaoka Sousuke) 

 Hmmmm what to say about Wakana, hes got weird hair for one kinda grease style lol, His pairing is with Hiyama (Pirate). he has a short temper so is normally the first one to try and rush over to people to hit them but the team always end up stopping him – he always listens to the team so it’s all good. poor dude with his finger it’s just evil, bless him at least he tried to carry on. 

Hiyama Kiyooki (Kawamura Yosuke) 

 Arg the pirate hehe, we call him this due to the fact he looks like one – it’s the facial hair lol. ummm don’t really know what to say about him – he can’t hit for shit which is harsh on him but he handles it after have paddys lol. 

Okada Yuya (Sato Takeru) 

my 3rd fav character, he’s higher up in Emily’s ranks i think haha, but to me he’s the ginger midget (though hes not ginger in this) he has awesome hair in rookies, we just called him dreadlocks till we worked out their names haha. hes paired with the AWESOME Yufune hehe. well his character is awesome don’t think he does anything to really draw attention to himself, but the show wouldn’t be the same without him.  

 Yufune Tetsuro (Igarashi Shunji) 

 Wooooo my favourite character mainly because Shunji rules haha, hes got awesome hair in the show too, i call him marshmallow don’t really know why he just is.  He says ‘nya’ at the end of sentences quite a lot which is just adorable. he joins the baseball team at the same time as Okada mainly because they are paired haha – they both stick by each other which is well sweet

Hiratsuka Taira (Kiritani Kenta) 

 Ahhh the first of the comic relief in the show, hes very funny not that kinda annoying pointless wtf kinda funny but the kind you grow to love the character for He runs around with Imaoka, checking what colour panties the school nurse has on everyday lol. he defo has the better hair out of the two of them haha. 

Imaoka Shinobu (Onoue Hiroyuki) 

 Ok first off THE HAIR omg noooooooo its horrible, its just plain wrong, no no no no no – hes the second comic relief though never really says much but hes always next to Hiratsuka. he throws a mean underhand – looks like a spack doing it but ow well haha. ummm nothing else to say bout him. 

Rookies the Movie  

In the film 2 extra dudes are introduced – the dude pictured on the far left and the dude second in on the right hand side. 

The film was AWESOME, on the edge of my seat for practically the whole thing, i was very happy with how it ended i just wish that it didn’t have to end that it could go on forever. Ow yeh i never mentioned the special which turned out just to be a repeat of the whole series so we skipped it – did have some extra footage at the end though which was pure gold watched it so many times over – just so funny. 

Well i thought i would end with some pictures from Rookies because i can and the show is AWESOME and a defo much watch even if you know nothing about baseball like me and emily. defo one not to miss. 

Gotta love the bags, all rocking the school uniform too 😀 

Ahhhh the adorableness, he has no idea how to play baseball which lands a few laughs 😀 

Had to stick Mohawk in here, how could i not he rules – just looooooooooook at him 😀 

Aniya doing his manly pointing with a bat, with his general I’m pissed off face. 

Wooooo dirtiness, which is what we love to see, they start off all clean but wooooooo dirty comes along – and seeeeeeeeee much mucho better with a cap on 

Seeing as a put in a dirty version here he is cleaaaaaaaaaaaaan – do you think he used daz??? haha 

Woooooooooooooooooooo i think hes happy 😀 and mainly clean sooooooooooo 

this amount of dirt must make up for it haha – there are some epic mud sessions just wish they were longer hehe 

 Ahhhh the circle 

Well there you have it Rookies 😀 i give it 10/10 it’s just that awesome and has everything in there. just love it and god how much do i miss it


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5 Responses to “Rookies”

  1. The loveable kid! Gabriel Reis | Abraço - abraços e beijos Says:

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  3. ZAREMA Says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  4. Claire Says:


    this post is just pure awesome, my fav character is Yufune hehe he’s just a great character and cute, i see you like him too, why marshmellow? haha its a good nickname though, very sweet

    i may rewatch rookies it was such a good series, i miss it

  5. Takhie Says:

    I heart rookies too. Just finished watching it last week. (wooo! talk about late..) well I was supposed to watch it 2 years ago because of Yu, but I dont know what happened..but I’m glad I finally did. (Takeru made me! lol!) Although the main reason why I watched it is because of Yu and Takeru, I can’t help but fall for Aniya. Like you, I don’t really like him a first, I didn’t really see why a lot of girls in the drama likes him (esp when Shirota Yu is there. lol. well, maybe Shinjo’s hair made it impossible. haha!) How I wish they make Yagi and Aniya’s pair know..romantic? But I guess that will just spoil the fun. And Takeru, why they did not give him more story…. I love all the guys all in all, including sensei which is the most adorable dork ever. I like everything about it, even their constant crying and endless bickering. Even their stupid (and awesome, *ehem* Okada *ehem* Sekikawa *ehem*) hairstyles. Waah! Im excited to watch the Special and I hope I can get a hold of the movie soon. 😀

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