Postman with sticky fingers stole my korean full house dvd

Well 2day i finally got the DVD i ordered (full house – korean drama staring Bi Rain 😀 😀 😀 ), i have been waiting over 3weeks for it to arrive and i never expected the reason i got for why it had taken sooooooooooooooooooo long to reach me.

The boxset cover

 I will also be adding random rain pictures just cus i can for some eye candy as you read 😀 

 I shall start from the begining – just cus i can haha. i got woken up by a phone call from my accommodation (all i can say is that i am soooo glad i picked up the phone haha, normally i would just ignore it). she said there was a dude from post office security that wanted to talk to me about one of my packages, too which i automatically thought ow crap – because ther is never a good reason why they would come see you. well he came up and told me that one of the postman had been stealing letters and packages not just from his route but from others too and my parcel was one of the ones he took. he showed me the empty envelope. at this point i was practically crying inside haha, was thinking crap gonna have to re order the dvd cus i wanted it that bad. 

Hotness *melts a little inside*

He asked me if he could keep the envelope and use in for the evidence against him which i ofc said yes too, cus what am i gonna do with an envelope haha. then he asked me to describe what was in the envelope to which i describe the full house box set and then he said wait a second i think we found that one, its in the car if you want we can go check and if it is then you can have it.  too which i was praying OMG pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase let it be it. So we went down to his car and it was EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 how bloody lucky is that, but from the amount of box’s and evidence folders he had in the car i can imagine all the other peeople won’t be as lucky as me. thankfully it was only a DVD and a korean one at that so i bet the guy didn’t know what to do with it, not many people in the uk would buy it haha which is probably the reason why i was lucky and got it back. 

its not just me who’s happy 😀 hehe

And also lucky that the guy didn’t throw away the envelopes so they could find me, and identify my parcel as stolen – in reality he was mega stupid for not throwing away the envelopes and stealing in the first place, he would clearly be caught and he was. hahaha and they have enough – well more than enough evidence to fully pound his ass. 

It’s funny, you never actually think its gonna happen to you, but now it has and boy ow boy am i lucky to get my item back. soooooooooooo soooooooo lucky, i do hope this never happens again though. 

I am just sooooooooooooooooooooo happy that i finally have my dvd, i shall do a separate post with a review, once i watch it but i can say now i will love it hehe, and i shall fill the post with images – can’t have too many images of rain hehe. 

OMG the hotness 😀 had to share

And i just wanna say a HUGE thankyou to everyone who helped catch the fucker, and to the nice security dude who gave me my dvd 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

End on a smile 😀

The amazingness of my day does not end there, i then went on to Win some skull candy earphones from the Capri sun competition SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 they shall be here in under 28days and i shall be doing a review and wotnot on them hehe.

Hopefully the other dvd’s i ordered shall be here at the end of this week or begining of next week (Gokusen 3 boxset and Gokusen the movie – i also have a Haruma obbsession hehe)

Such an epically happy day 😀 hehe


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