New shoes!!! 2 Pairs – squee hehe

i Finally got some awesome new shoes, Both of them are the brand Osiris which rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      My first pair are these AMAZING shoes hehe, they are fluffy on the inside and rule. i got them off ebay i am a size 5 1/2 so i got them in a size 6 and thankfully i did because i think the 5 would have been to small. i got them for £45 which is wikid and free P&P and seeing as they were selling in the shop at £70 so woot hehe. incase u want to google them they are called. Osiris – ‘South Bronx’ Fluffy Trainer Boot (Black/Neon) heres all the pictures.

Front view

 Also the awesome thing about these shoes is the shoe box, yes i did just say the shoe box, a handle can be pushed out so no need for a bag and why would you with this amazing shoe box. its designed to look like a briefcase/suitcase (which ever u prefer) with travel stickers on it which makes it rock haha.Ok well back to the shoes haha, they are sooooooooooooooooo epically comfortable its untrue – no wearing in needed which is awesome. 

new shoes eeee

 You get black and blue laces with them so you can decide which you want on – both if u really want to haha, i chose the black ones because i feel they make the shoe look better the blue in my opinion took away from the design of the rest of the shoe. 

they look Amazing from all angles, a nice statement shoe – they looked wikid on – already got loads of nice comments about them while wearing them. i do love my shoes so getting compliments is a day maker haha. yes i love my shoes that much. takes me forever to find an amazing pair i want to keep forever and ever and this is one of them.

just look at the fluff wooot

 from all angles these shoes look amazing

back view

 love them love them love them

Front view

 i give these amazing shoes a full 10/10 they are everything they should be and more 😀 i would of even paid the full retail price for these they are that amazing.

Now for my second pair of new shoes – these are more like boots even though my other ones were high tops these are much taller as you can see but from the same company 😀 i ordered these off amazon and got them in a 5 which fit perfectly – i had them weird feet that seem to be ok in shoes ranging from 5-6 all depends on the shoe make and design of the shoe and wot not and from recent years of shoe buying i know which size to get for which style and brand lol. i paided £36 which is a bargain to say they are in the shops for around £60-£80 haha i feel sorry for anyone who paid that – its why you should always check on the internet – 99% of the time you can find it cheaper. and no post or packing chargers again wooot – ther is nothing i hate more then paying for P&P haha. these ones are called Orisis – ‘Uptown LTD’ Tall Trainer Boot (Red/White) incase you wish to look them up.

 These shoes are just amazing, they fit perfectly, ther like slippers they are that comfy and again need no wearing in. Orisis shoes seemed to have been built for my feet haha.


 Its easy to slip your foot in, they look amazing on, also had many people asking where i got them and how much because they do look like a quality shoe and they are – there osiris after all an amazing make of shoes. From all sides this boot look truely awesome.

Front view

 the red kinda shimmers which is very nice and the design on it is just eye popping, its another stand out shoe. i love wearing shoes that say something and these definately do 😀


 the details are just amazing and i thank Osiris for making another perfect shoe =D

back view

 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just look at the prettyness


I give this shoe a massive 10/10 too its just amazing and i would have also paid full retail price for them, they are just so hard not to like.

well there are my lovely new shoes – hope you liked them too hehe.


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    […] New shoes!!! 2 Pairs – squee hehe « Purplezest's Blog […]

  2. Cell Phones Wallpaper Says:

    i love the second one.

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