Samsung GT-B3310 (pink) Vs Samsung GT-B3410

Well as the title sugests i shall be compairing the GT-B3310 and the GT-B3410 both of which are samsung phones, i can say now that this is not going to be an in depth review, just general about how easy it is to use and about the features etc…. if you want and amazing indepth review i would try cnet or somewhere like that.

well i shall start with the 3310 because its the one i got before my new one. i brought the 3310 before christmas sometime i can’t actually remember when lol but i was some time before. i got the pink one of course, if i can remeber back that far i paid £70 for the phone on orange with £10 airtime – i never change my sim so this sim shall be used for orange wednesdays then thrown away.                                                                                                                                                                                            Here is a nice piccy of the box it comes in – with the blue version on the front why they didn’t make a pink version box i will never know quite odd really – nice simple box.

The box

You get all the basic kit in the box, the charger – headphones, usb cable (i think), manuel – think thats everything but i am too lazy to check hehe.

i havn’t cleaned up the phone just took photos of it in its used condition – it does have one of those clear things on its screen – for lovely protection. as i am sure u can see it looks nice (some people say odd or don’t like it) all to there own. the odd thing about this phone is the numbers down the side – you can also use these for typing but i donno why u would cin as its a qwerty phone and why would u buy a qwerty phone and then use them god knows but yeh.                                             

You unlock it by holding down the top button or sliding open the phone. i started to find tht unlocking button very very annoying and it has an issue of unlocking itself – i had many occasions where i got it out my bag and it was unlock and typing in numbers and wot not and thankfully i managed to notice when i called SOS the bloody thing – this is one of the reasons why i wanted a new phone to say i hadn’t had this one for very long, of course it has all the other normal buttons on the front. the screen is 2inchs if i member correctly (so small), and i wouldn’t say the quality of the screen is amazing – when i compare it to my new samsung you should be able to see the difference i didn’t realise it was that bad until i compaired it haha.

Front of phone

Here is the back of the phone (u shall see the phone open from the front when i compare it to my new one – the qwerty keyboard is wikid though, easy to use and well spaced). i really am not a fan of the back of this phone when its open its ok because u have that nice pink back showing but the silver back feels tacky and not very nice. its hard to explain but once you have been holding it for a while you shall see.

Back of phone (open)

Overall the phone is very easy to use, looks good (well from the front) but i am sure some people would disagree with it looking nice from the front haha. i give the phone a 6 out of 10 its ok but in this day and age is old and basic. i only brought it because my LG shine was dying (had tht phone for yonks) and i didn;t have enough money at the time to get a good one so it was a cheap fill phone really haha.

Well my new phone is the 3410 from samsung again. cost me £80 with £10 air time on orange again using the new sim for orange wed then shall be throwing it. so again not a very expensive phone but its sooooooooooooooooooo much better then the 3310 as i shall tell you when i compair them but for now just gonna tell u about this one.

Here is the nice pretty box nice and simple like the other one – includes, Manuel, Earphones, Charger and phone and battery of course.

The box wooo haha

 here is the very nice front of the phone, seeing as its a qwerty touch screen phone it only has the 3 main buttons on the front of it – around the side it has the volume, camera, radio, input (charger and headphone) on the top of the phone it has a normal headphone jack and the lock button. the screen is 2.6inchs i think which is a really nice size.

Front of phone

 Now i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the back of this phone, just so pretty hehe. and the phone in black looks very nice – again not showing u a pic of the keyboard mwhahaha. but its wikid – not as easy to type as the 3310 was but once you get used to it then its fine – its just at the begining when its hard.

Back of phone (open)

i give this phone a 9 out of 10 – would have got 10 if they keyboard was more like the 3310 but ther is nothing wrong with it haha.

Well now time to compair the two side by side. And poof here they both are hehe. as you can see the screen size i very difference and the screen resolution the 3310 (pink) dosn’t look as clear and as nice as the 3410. as you can see from the backgrounds i love supernatural haha jared and jensen rock hehe. well from just comparing them by look i would say the 3410 is clearly better, the black just looks much more appealing then the pink 3310 and the pink makes it look like a phone for much younger people i.e teens.

front of both phones - screens on

 Now onto the phones features and layout and wotnot again the 3310 has a basic everything where as the 3410 is just like the menu layout for all samsungs touch screen phones except without all the extra extra pointless features lol.

the menu's on the phones

 Now onto the qwerty keyboard, the screens flip as you slide them open wooo and again i think the 3410 looks a lot better its just an all round better phone.

Qwerty keyboard powerrrrr

In my opinion if you want to get a samsung phone or any phone under £100 with a qwerty keyboard go for the 3410 (the one on the left) and you also get the bonus of the touch screen which i love. the screen is fast to react to what you tell it to do no delay its just a perfect phone and one that i hope to use for years and years to come 😀


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91 Responses to “Samsung GT-B3310 (pink) Vs Samsung GT-B3410”

  1. asep jamaludin Says:

    i like it…cauz this phone is very perfect in my life……………….

  2. Maggie Says:

    I’m gonna buy it tomorrow!

    I was hesitating but now I read your article, I’m convinced!

    Tank you!

    Maggie, from Brussels, Belgium

  3. Claudinha Says:

    Poxa eu vi uma unica vez para vender na loja da tim p nunk mais ver…
    aonde vc comprou o seus?
    bjos lindos.tem bom gosto. rs 😉

    • purplezest Says:

      thanks, yeh they are both really nice phones, i got both of these from carphone warehouse but both of the makes are also on ebay and other sites.
      hope i answered your question – the translator tool isn’t all that gr8 😀

  4. prepaid wireless cell phone Says:

    samsung gt b3310 is a cellphone with a stylist design.
    btw very nice articles.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    3310 best phone

  6. Harwinder Says:

    My gt b 3410 cant play utube vedios. Pl tell me if it support. All of its other support it. Pl reply early. Ph 9177847725

    • purplezest Says:

      i have never tried it but to my knowledge it can’t play youtube videos but you can normally download some software onto your phone that allows you to watch them.

      • purplezest Says:

        ok i just tried it and yeh it don’t support the content so you will have to try downloading some software to support youtube videos if you wish to watch them on your phone. 😀

  7. indi :) Says:

    hi,,purplezest..i just bought b3410 on yesterday..u know,,thx a lot 4 ur really helps..i really feel satisfied with it, especially its qwerty,,haha,,makes me feel like using expensive phone,,haha
    so,,will you share about its application that i can DL or how to take care it,,because i really hope that y b3410 will be long lasting,,cause i really love it…pls answer or cntact me: thx

    • purplezest Says:

      i am very glad you are happy with ur purchase and i could help and i know what you mean about it feeling expensive – the quality of the right weight i normally say. its an amazing phone iv been using mine none stop and its still perfect, i did drop it on the floor too – not a mark on it and still works perfectly which its truely amazing, and qwerty does rule haha.

      which application are you talking about – the one so you can watch youtube video’s on the phone? or a different application?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Really? I was a little bit worried with its casing, because i don’t think this model has silicon case or casing that is available in stores..(or i dunno about that??)

        i just DL some games and applications yesterday..
        But many of them couldn’t be installed in B3410, but could be installed in my younger sister’s phone, samsung corby touch…
        i wish u could tell me an interesting application or game..

  8. Bernie Says:

    Could somebody tell which downloads i can use to watch videos on my gt-b3410. Thanks!

  9. count violencia Says:

    hi man its a nice fone but do you know wher i can get java apps that work just fine with it

  10. मीरा Says:

    Purchasing is not so wonderful. So it is not the work of pride. But the bothe Phones are Nice

  11. Sraka Says:

    I don’t now will i buy Samsung b3410 or b3310

  12. christopher Says:

    which software do i download to watch youtube videos and other plz … we all kno how wonderful the phone is omg! just tell me how can i watch videos on the internet on my gt-b3310

    • purplezest Says:

      as i said the 3310 is a very basic phone, so i doubt you will find and application for watching youtube video’s on it. sorry but you can always try googling.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Could anyone please let me know if this phone comes with a usb cable pls?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    okay thanks very much for the feedback… I thought the shop I bought it from removed it from the box or something…

  15. drin Says:

    I’m having terrible problems with my gt b3310.
    I can’t find any app or game that can be installed. When I try to install one an error message pops up saying “Java error. IO Exception”.
    What does that mean?

    What I did was I inserted the memory card to my laptop and transfer the .jar files i need to install on my phone. When I inserted the card to my phone and install it, the apps and games did not work.

    Also, I need to install pdf file reader and microsoft windows reader,please help me.

    What am I suppose to do?

    • purplezest Says:

      Ooooo well the 3310 is a very basic phone, i would try using the internet on the phone to find games it should give you a list of games that work on that spec phone. i think due to it being a simple phone you might not find a pdf file reader that works on it sorry but you could try googling.

      • Anonymous Says:

        oh really?
        i’m also having problems connecting to the internet. I never got connected to the internet. What seems to be the problem?

    • Jhon Says:

      i have same issue with drin. it happen when you install wrong java games/apps for your b3310. the solution is try install it direct from your phone via internet, or download the CORRECT jar file that suitable for your phones. The two solution work for my b3310.

  16. Bella Says:

    l love Samsung GT-B3310 pink

  17. Bella Says:

    I encourage that the best

  18. ballarina Says:

    hey i was woundering if you could tell me witch of the two phone has a bigger font size. due to me having eye problems i can not always see the size of the print. i know i can read the b3310 so if the b3410 is bigger it would be geat

  19. Puzo Says:

    Hi purplezest can u plz tell me which application i should download to watch you tube videos on b3410

  20. Pumps Says:

    I would like to know the games that are on the samsung b3410. I love ur review cause funny enough i was contemplating on which one of those i should buy and then i automatically fell in love with the b3410. thanks for ur review. and again i would like to know the games on it

    • purplezest Says:

      Thankyou and yeh i would say the B3410 is defo the better choice its an amazing phone.
      ahhhh i’m so glad my phone is next to me, the games you get are demo’s and they are Pyramid Bloxx and Brain challenge vol2

  21. winter Says:

    i am getting the b3310- you should compare the b3310 to a phone like the lgk360. they would have the same backgrounds but ones more e=xpensive. whats the difference thing.

    • purplezest Says:

      i only compaired them due to the fact i brought the B3310 didn’t much like it due to it being a more simple/basic phone so i got the B3410 which has more features and is better quality – thought a comparison of the two phones would be nice seeing as there isn’t much money diff either.

  22. winter Says:

    what about the games on the b3310. it has 8gb’s

    • purplezest Says:

      Had to get it out the box but it has:
      Midnight pool 2
      asphalt 3
      diamond twister
      Again all just demo’s to get the full version you have to pay

  23. Babbyy Says:

    Hi ,
    Im thinkin of buyin a b3410 but i wanna download apps and stuff can u please tell me where i can coz i wanna have more apps i hope u can help..

    • purplezest Says:

      i’m afraid i don’t really know, if you google the certain app u want with the make and model of the phone you normally get some good websites that comeup.

      I havn’t added any apps to mine so i’m afraid i’m not much help there sorry – hope you find the ones you want though 😀

  24. Anon Says:

    I CAN’T DECIDE! B3310 comes in a variety of nice colors while people say you can’t access on youtube and stuff. B3410 is also nice with better features but the font isn’t so appealing and neither are the colors…

    • purplezest Says:

      i can 100% tell u now that the B3310 wont access youtube videos its a VERY basic phone, i would say for the money you are defo better off going for the B3410 but thats just my opinion 😀 hope u get the one you want hehe 😀

  25. awon Says:

    can you plz tell me how can watch youtube videos directly on my B3410? what i need to do for that.. plz help me. thank ya

  26. Cutie_ Pie Says:

    NO WAY!!! i have the b3310 and i would not trade it for the b3410 any day. Yeah so its touchscreen big deal! touchscreens always give trouble after some time and it cost a load of money just to get it repaired. crap! the b3410 is bulkier and wider and i like the way the b3310 fits perfectly into my hand…. the only way i wwud want a big fone is if its a Blackberry and it sure isnt.

    • purplezest Says:

      wow calm down, this is all my personal opinion, in no way is the B3310 a bad phone its just at the simpler end of the market, this is just a post to inform people of the differences and dis/adv of each phone.

      and you don’t have to use the touchscreen so if at any point it does break (highly unlikely unless you drop it) you can use the keys. i at no point defined the B3410 on its touch screen the fact that it has one is a bonus! and the B3410 is only slightly bigger and actually has a feel of quality unlike the B3310, neither of the phones are big and both defo don’t have the level of features that the blackberry and iphone have

  27. Sunshine Says:

    i too hd a b3310 that i loved ………yes i bought it in may and it got ruin in august,then i got the b3410 yesterday and i loved it too . i can’t choose, both are really kool phones.

  28. Cottoncandy11 Says:

    I have the 3410 and I think is great the only thing that I disagree with is that it doesn’t not have enough memory (the memory card). Also the phone only has 2 themes for the phone so you cannot change the color of the font or anything. Overall the phone is pretty good. I love mines!!

  29. moon Says:

    b3410 is a nice phone but we cant watch videos on youtube from it.while the samsung star phones enable us to watch .. nd there is no game avalible on internet for b3410.

  30. ch2onic Says:

    i got lots of games on my b3410 final fantacy poker racing just need to know if anyoneknows of a way to play youtube vids

  31. lbison Says:

    i just got a green B3310 last wk and am loving it! but the only problem is that i cannot play videos on youtube and it sucks

  32. elenithaxx Says:

    eaeaeeaeaeae el telefono mio es el negrito es bakan

  33. Courtney Says:

    I just got this phone two dats ago (the 3410) it rocks… Easy to function and its quite simple… i love it!!!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    how to get the application, java games for my samsung GT-B3410 model cell phone……………………………………………..

  35. suprim Says:

    how to get the application, java games for my samsung GT-B3410 model cell phone……………………………………………..

  36. suprim Says:


  37. suprim Says:

    can any one plz tell me how can i get the games for B3410? help.. plz help me. …….

  38. Tianna Says:


    • purplezest Says:

      No it does not but it has limited memory so i would say getting a memory card is a must 8gb ones are cheap these days and the phone is very cheap so its fine.

      and yes you can put videos on this phone iv done it several times

  39. IceKat Says:

    I HATE my b3310. It does caps-lock instead of shift, an alt button for the full-stop and Google maps never works. Of course if someone loves it let me know and you can buy mine. I’ve barely used it. 🙂

  40. Anonymous Says:

    i love GT-B331, bah c normale je l’ai ! lol

  41. Hạnh Bun Says:

    How can I install games larger than 500kb for my Gt 3310 :((

  42. chris subano. Says:

    hey,this b3310,its sooo fake,i cant open maps,i cant view u-tube,it doesnt download files….f**k this

    • purplezest Says:

      this is a BASIC BAAAAAAAASIC!!!!!! phone SERIOUSLY basic, its NOT a smart phone it CAN’T view youtube, download apps or view maps etc…

      this phone is the cheapest end of the market think nokia 3310!!! but add colour and a querty keyboard to the phone!

      if u wanted those features why didn’t u ask the person who sold u the phone!

      I advise people research before they buy stuff!!!

  43. Matthew Pascual Says:

    i have the black touchscreen one ! but i think i like the one thats not touchschreen because the touch screen is so sensative !

  44. Abhi Says:

    I have 3410 black,its ok mobile bcoz of touchscreen and qwerty keyboard but can you tell me why cant i play games more than 500k
    replay plz

  45. Shrey Says:

    Abhi type this in idle screen *#52828378# you will get a menu there you will find OTA and memory setting. Increase java file size. Hope it works for u as it worked for mine .. Hmm its great phone .enjoying B3410″””

  46. parthrudkiya Says:

    i have 3410 and i have downloaded one software that supports youtube videos! i’m too happy! ulalalalalalalalala!!!!!!

  47. Shine Says:

    I have the same fone nd i luurrrvvveee it!!!

  48. ABGOGRA Says:

    Hi all!

    I have a pink Nokia B3310 phone. It’s giving me hearing problem. I can only hear someone on the other side speaks with the help of an earphone; without it I can’t hear.

    I would be very much grateful if someone can help me solve this problem.

  49. manisha Says:

    can u pls tell m which application i should download to watch utube videos on my b3410???


    plz do tell me that how can i play youtube on my b3410, i got this of 14,500pkr in 2010. itx an awesome phone, bt dnt play youtube 😦
    bt i realy dnt like to sell this.


    if u want to play youtube on b3410 thn just goto
    and thn u can play youtube on ur sleek & stylish b3410.

  52. flfffffffffffffffffllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Says:


  53. Shinichi Kudo Says:

    what application do i need in order for the GT-B3410 to read pdf files?

  54. hoi Says:


  55. gabriel Says:

    please help me with the adobe reader for my samsung GT- B3310

  56. sara Says:

    can any one tell me how to open PDF or office on b 3410???plz help

  57. Kelly Says:

    Y cuanto cuesta esta maravilla???????????????????????????????????
    que me lo quiero comprar

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Wo kann man diese Samsung GT-B3410 finden und kaufen?

  59. isabella2001 Says:

    I like the Samsung GT B3310, its nice and it looks better in pink but I like it in purple coz its my favourite colour!

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