Xmas goodies

Just a quick post 😀

well this year has been a very good year for goodies hehe, i have been a very spoilt girl this year and i love it.


finally some new tweezers which are wikid they have a nice pattern on them, tube of smartees and milkly buttons, Some nice soap, a new bracelett to add to my huge collection, soon it may reach my elbow haha. a 2010 twilight calender among other goodies 😀

Under the tree

An amazinly nice ring off my mum, looks so much like my grannys one its untrue which makes me happy each time i look at it 😀

I got 2 new Gundam kits, a pink one off my friend emily which is a 1/144, and a red one of my sister which is a 1/100 – i shall be reviewing and posting pic’s of these when i am bk at uni

I got some new pj’s and slipper – which rules they are the fluffy boot ones so they are just soooo comfortable.

New boots, they are long and pink and plaid 😀 and of course some new socks to go with them

Too much money hehe

£65 worth of keith hall hair vouchers – which i really need cin as i want to get my hair cut and re-dyed, which i am getting done 2moro WOOOOOO

Uni supplys which are greatly needed

A toy helicopter which i am still learning to use – i never expected it to be so hard haha. i love getting random unexpected things for xmas, and having a toy to play with takes me back a few years hehe. i love it 😀

A new 22″ samsung HD TV wooooooooooooooo – wanted one since sept, so now i can watch tv in style at uni and now i can get rid of the huge one in my room, and the tiny one out my uni room – woops all round.

so has been an AMAZING yr and i have been spoilt rotten, hope everyone had a happy xmas and 2010 is now here wooooooo

i should be posting more soon when i am bk at uni – just been taking some much deserved time out from typing over the holidays 😀


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