New Moan – Yes thats right new moan haha

If you’re wondering if i have miss spelled new moon i haven’t haha, i am referring to the book New moan it’s a parody book of the twilight saga and its Hilarious, Most lines are some kind of sex reference 😀 haha – now i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the books – not such a huge fan of the films.

But i love the first book – twilight – its my fav one. but i must say don’t buy new moan if you don’t have a sence of humour or are under 16 without letting ur rents read some first haha. (but cin as most kids read anything these days or nothing at all i am sure they won’t lol). I am soooo happy i got it – its a defo must read for any twilight fan with a sence of humour.

So far i am up to chapter5 and i already love it…


just thought i would inform people of its existence if they hadn’t heard of it, because i hadn’t until i saw it in waterstones wooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol.

If you have read it tell me what you think?

and if not and are intrigued go out and buy it lol – but don’t blame if u have no sence of humour haha.

Enjoy 😀

Link to authors twitter:

also if u want to add me:

i will prob do a full review once i have finished it WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀


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2 Responses to “New Moan – Yes thats right new moan haha”

  1. delaney55 Says:

    Hopefully it is better written then the originals it is a parody of because they were downright dreadfully written which makes it sad that the author is making so much money off of them. At least the books by Charlaine Harris that “True Blood” is taken from are well written and engaging. Twilight sucks on sooo many levels that it is sad and yes, pun intended.

    By the way, who ever heard or read of vamps “sparkling” in the sunlight? Dumb, dumb, dumb!!

  2. purplezest Says:

    HAHA and yeh it is, if u didn’t like the originals then i would read this u won’t stop laughing – well i havn’t yet lol. love parody’s haha.

    and yeh the sparkling is BAD very very bad and havn’t managed to read true blood yet, got too many books going at once at the mo lol.

    kinda hate twilight in the way of now everyone loves vampires – but the phase will pass and b forgotten – well thts wot i hope. only the true vamp fans will remain.

    and how much do i hate them for casting robbert as edward grrrrrrrrr

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