well i have had a very very very busy week this week, all uni related had to do work for 4 modules for a presentation and hand in today and i have another group presentation 2moro ahhhhh lol, they are not really that bad its just the organising that annoys me lol. and i have finally finished all the work that need to be done for then, i am just glad i got building my zaku out the way before i started on this stupidily huge work load lol. now the other pres are in week 11 so i don’t have any till then (on wk8 at mo lol).

So now after wanting to do it for over a week i can take pictures of my zaku and post him on my blog for the world to see.

and because i feel like it i am going to post up some of my work for you all to see haha, i am doing an animation course at DMU (leicester) in my 2nd yr wooooooooooooooo. its an amazing course 😀

This is the dalek i am building in maya for my video project in visual effects. here is what it looked like about a week ago

Modeled dalek - not texture and not tweaked

And this is what it looks like at the mo. i still need to tweak the texturing and colour b/c i am not a 100% happy with it.

Dalek with textures

maybe i shall post more work up later but i am being lazy now, and i shall be posting my zaku pictures either 2moro or sat i think

Enjoy 😀


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