London expo in 3days :D

Well i thought i would do a random post about how close its gotten till me and my friend emily go to the london expo. It used to be ages ago and now its just 3 days away wooooooooooooop. can’t wait its the first one i am going to and i am sure it won’t b my last lol, we are catching  a train to get there so should take around 2 and a half hours which isn’t that bad to say we are going on sunday hehe. we are going to spend time at the expo then when we have gone around everything we are going round london wooooop.

i am just hoping the weather will be ok, like it was the last time we went to london hehe. of course we will be going to cyber candy because it rule – really really epically RULES lol among over places hehe. u never know wot u might find hehe. just have to member not to buy too much because i have to bring it home and carry it around lol.

well thats my little random update 😀


One Response to “London expo in 3days :D”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hi Katie. I just stumbled here from Emily’s blog. You have some really great models – I especially like the motorbikes you do(I make models,too, mainly gundam-just doing some artwork for gundam nation, so should be getting some more and uploading pics)lol.Anyway.hope you had a good time in london- I’ll have to try and get down there too sometime.

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