Tamama Robo Mk2 Kit Review

I got this kit from gundam mad because i just happened to be looking on ther site and saw that they had it in stock 😀 so of course i had to get it, this is the one i really really want out of all of them and now i have it hehe and it was the right price at £5.99 i think. well i really can’t member lol was a week ago now lol – my head is now filled with uni stuff lol.

well of course to start off is the pretty box, and it is very very pretty 😀 all the pictures and artwork is great. never disappointed with the boxs – it may be sad but its not fault they are so pretty.


The box woooop

 and of course we open the box to find the sprues woop, all nice and colourful as allways, and of course the stickers that you get with them, this one has a choice of eyes too – epic haha.


The sprues and stickers

 i also ordered a pigment marker (liner) 0.05 for doing the panel lines on my gundam kits, among others because i always think they look better when the lines have been filled in. look good without but even better with them done 😀


Pigment marker for the panel lines

 Then of course the instructions leaflety thing haha, again only looked at the pics to work out how to build it, and the illustrations on the other side are very nice just like on the other kit i have



 Well i sat down and build him, fairly quickly seeing as these kits are very easy to build, here he is all in pieces waiting to be fitted together hehe.


The kit spread out

 Awwwwwww no forgetting the wee ickle one hehe, so cute and small well not that small but small enough lol.



 Here he is after i did the panel lines, quite quickly of course and i was watching tv at the time i have never been able to do just do one thing at once i find it boring lol


So epic

 Here he got a little naughty and started shouting at him to get it because he was starting to have a bit to much fun on his own lolz, soooooooooooooooo cute. this kit was very easy to build fits together nicely, iv found no problems with it and it looks great. so glad i got him.


telling him to get in

 He got in and now they r ready to kick butt lolz 😀



 ahhhhhh its just so epic i did have a spac at one point when i thought i had lost one of the red stickers for the leg but i found it the next day hehe thankgod lol.


He's ready for anything

 And of course i had to convert him just to show you wot it looks like and this is how is displayed with my other kits and figmas, he was spend time in both positions i think but this one is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, and it goes on the little stand so looks even better hehe 😀



 And of course he had to meet up with my other MK1 kit so now i have a MK1 and a MK2 hopefully by the end i will have all 5 from each set, seeing as i love both sets hehe.


Both of them


i give this kit a full 1o/10 its got no problems or issues and just to the fact when u collect all 5 u can make the god woooop, which i really can’t wait for lol.

if you have been thinking out getting them then do they are great kits whether you go for the MK1 set or the MK2 set both are great 😀


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2 Responses to “Tamama Robo Mk2 Kit Review”

  1. dororo Says:

    cool kit! keroro faito!

  2. Tamama Gunsou Says:

    Nice review and nice photos.
    ^^ I bought this kit at my last order by HLJ, too. I am so looking forward building this. I love Tamama!!!!
    Btw. Have you heard of Gundam Markers? Try to use them, because the lines which the markers draws are much thinner. Or try using 0.3 pencil on white, yellow and lighter pieces. You will see a nice difference ^^

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