I’m slow

well i said a few days ago now that i would post up the pics of the god gundam kit and the other kit which i have now built haha. first week ok uni is always insane so i finally got around to taking the pictures last night and i should be posting them up 2day (meaning sat) and if i do a major fail on that then they shall be defo be up on sunday.

too many new tv shows taking up my spare time lol. heres a nice list of what i’m watching

The mentalist, Supernatural, Smallville, Flashforward, Dexter, Chuck, Vamp diaries, Big Bang Theory. all of which are new seasons (well apart from chuck which i am just finishing the second season – so glad they decided to make a third hehe) of course i have other shows that i watch but they are not on new seasons like all these shows so as you can imagine i have quite a few hours a week to watch lol. but i enjoy every second of it hehe.

ok i side tracked lol, they should defo be up this weekend 😀

and also its october and my pre-order of figma Aegis should be coming soon – it said early oct – clearly was never gonna be that but could get an email anyday hehe. but of course once i have said then its the 9-10day wait for the package to arrive hehe.


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