1/144 HG Alec’s Kerberos BuCue Hound review

I brought this kit from Gundam Nation for £13.99 which i think is a great price to say getting it from them means no waiting for it 2 arrive from japan and we can go pick it up seeing as we live in Leicester if u live in the uk and have not ordered from this site u r missing out – it rules 😀

Well i finished him last night, i must say this was an epic kit to build and to say its only a 1/144 took me longer then the other 1/144 i built, and a bit more fidley but i got ther in the end, so i ended up eating dinner around 9pm lolz, i wanted to finish it before i ate 😀

i loveeeeeee this kit, i looks amazing – defo might think of getting more hound type gundam they rule 😀

well on with the pretty pictures hehe

first off is the pretty box with a nice image on it – i only realised when i got the box that the other gundam on the box was the first kit i got – strange ay lol, that kit is reviewed a fair few posts back i think. The box has nice detailing around the edge and by detailing i mean pretty pictures hehe 😀


The box

Now onto wot came in the box and as you all should now by now its sprues hehe, 5 of them to be exact, and of course the decals and stickers 😀 i am glad to see one multicoloured sprue hehe.


The sprues, stickers and decals

And of course the instructions in the lovely leaflet type from, easy to follow even though i did moan at it several times seeing as one of the pictures is mean and confused me but i worked it out in the end lol, loving the illustrations on the other side, very nice 😀


The instructions

Well this is the point were i started to build the kit 😀 also doing the panel lines as i went along – (didn’t paint) this is the two random points were i stopped and took a piccy – the one on the right is the first on and then i added the legs and wings – donno why i put them backwards lol. I must say that at this point i could have left him because he already looked amazing but i continued on hehe


Building the kit

Da daaaaaaaaa, here he is all finished and pretty, i must say i loveeeeee this kit – it looks amazing i want millions of them lol.


Ready to pounce

Everything moves very easily, and is securely fastened on so it won’t just pop off which i never enjoy when it happens lol. i also used 2 poses for taking the photos mainly because i was being lazy – but its very posable, could have got him in a whole range of weird poses lol


A nice butt angle lol

even the back of him looks nice, and just look at them legs hehe 😀


Ready to attack

You can have the pink things in or out depending on if you like it with them in or not – didn’t take any pictures with them out cin as i love them and ther pink 😀 well unless u count the pic when i am building him lol


His back

A proper view of the back of him hehe, for weird people tht like hound bums lol, only kidding 😀


just so cute 😀

I also love the 3 head thing he has going on the one at the front is diff from the 2 above it – looks wikid 😀


Love this shot

You can open and close the jaws on all the heads, nearly everything can move its just such a good kit for the money. will defo be getting more hound types me think, ther is a nice blue on i may get hehe.

i give this kit 9/10 the only reason why it lost a point is due to the damn instructions annoying me for a period of time but just for the final kit i would give a massive 1000000/10 lol due to how much i love it 😀

i have so far built a leg of my god gundam which looks amazing already and i will be doing more after posting this up, hopefully i will have all the photos and stuff done for 2moro so i can blog about it then. i really doubt i will get it posted 2day.


2 Responses to “1/144 HG Alec’s Kerberos BuCue Hound review”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    Wooooooooooooo I want a doggy! And I wanna make it pink all over!!!! Tis an epic gunpla. And sooooooooo much value for money!!

  2. purplezest Says:

    omg a pink one would be EPIC and would match ur pink zaku, hehe and yeh gr8 price for such a cute amazing thing haha, might try and get hold of the blue one at some point when i have moneys lol.

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