Review of 1/100 Vigna Gina Gundam kit

I got this kit on monday, which i ordered from Gundam Nation it was £14.99 its an older 1/100 scale version of the Vigna Gina but it looks wikid.
i built it up added the decals but of course i don’t have any gundam marks yet so i changed the colour scheme from purple to red seeing as i have a red mark. I also don’t have a marker for the panel lines yet but i have ordered one which will hopefully come on monday 😀
i have also made it look a bit more dirty instead of fully clean which i like the look of and the legs are amazing lol 😀
Well on with the picture of course first off is the box, nice style – not like new gundam boxs but i like it. very impressive picture.
Then its onto the goodies in the box, to which i find 6 sprues 2 of which are transparent – the amazing AMAZING pink shield which looks soooooo pretty and the eye piece which is th small blue one. Then of course the purple stickers and the decals 😀

 Then after digging out all the prettyness you come to the nice looking instruction fold out leaflety thing lol. same as on my other kits instructions on one side pictures and paint guide on the other. but of course i am lazy so therfore will not be painting it 😀



 I now just imagine me building him lol – of course i folowed the instructions – well to be correct the pictures lol, i found this kit very easy to build, the intructions were simple and everything fitted together perfectly. even the nubs came right off and you can’t really tell where they are 😀 of course this kit took me longer then the 1/144 kit i build but not by much. i will defo be getting another 1/100 kit – is very fun to build and ther is something about having a bigger one which makes it more exciting hehe.

Taa daaaaaaa, here he is built up with all the decals and stickers added :D, looking very nice i must add, and a nice size seeing as its a 1/100.


The front and back of the built kit

 I really like the back of this kit, just somthing kool about it – prob the wing like things he has on lol.

As i mentioned before hand i was not painting and i was changing the colours used from purple to red seeing as i had a red marker. so all the random little bits that should have been purple are now red, as you shall see below. it this point i had only added the black and red marker to him.


added the red and black marker

 I started to make him look a bit dirty as you can see from his leg, i also gave him his amazing shield and gun to pose with.


Gave him his shield and gun

 looking nice already, and now for a shot of the back of him, well the back from an angle where you can see the pretty red 😀


The amazing back of him

 A shot from the side with his amazing shield its just so pretty its the first thing you notice when you open the box, its huge, pink and very cool lol.


side view

 Another shot of his back, i did not paint him, just used red marker on the parts that were supposed to be purple, also used black marker on some places to add more detail then i used ink and a tissue to make him all dirty – as you can see from this pic still ain’t finished doing it lol.


his back

 And of course i have to get in a shot of his amazingly nice legs haha


His very sexy legs 😀

 still need to add some more ink to them, can’t wait to get the thin marker so i can do all the panel lines then it defo will be complete but can not say he is finished till i do that lol.

And of course i had to finish with a shot of his back, ahhhh the prettyness


the nice red

It looks so epic i love it 😀 can’t wait till i can say its finished. he looks amazing on my shelf – which is slowly getting more and more members lol.

i would give this kit a 9/10 would of gave it a full 10 if the shield was more posable – due to how its fixed on the arm is quite annoying but other then that its wikid kit, especially to say its an old kit its amazing quality and highly posable. Very happy i got this one 😀


2 Responses to “Review of 1/100 Vigna Gina Gundam kit”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    Gawd that red looks awesome on him…. The shineyness is goooooood.

    Sexy legs. 🙂

    What you using for the weathering?

  2. purplezest Says:

    yeh i am so glad it came out that red, seeing as its just a normal marker pen – may be a nice cheap way to colour some others hehe.

    and yeh i loveeeee the legs lol – i just had to put that in – might make that my thing haha.

    and used ink – used a pen to randomly squiggle on him then used a bit of tissue to rub/ smudge it around. still want to add a bit more

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