Ordered Tamama Robo markII kit

Has been an interesting day, managed to wake up about 45mins before i was supposed to be going out which is lucky due to the fact i didn’t set my alarm when i was supposed to, and the reason i had to wake up was to go to the cinema with my friend emily to see final destination4 – and i hate these films not it terms of the film is rubbish but in terms of the grossness. but she watched fri 13th and my bloody valentines with me (but they both had hots guys in) so i owed ther one. It was as gross as i thought i would be. hopefully i will never see it again lol.

Also last night we had a harpers island marathon of the last eps which all ruled, we both did not see the ending coming. i am still in shock i refuse to believe it lol. Defo something to watch if you havn’t seen it yet 😀

i ordered him lol, Well i just had to because he was instock,  I was going to wait for Gundam Nation to get it instock but then i checked on Gundam Mad and they had in it stock woop,


sooo cute

well they had most of them instock but this is the one i really really wanted so i ordered it 😀 so i am one very happy bunny, i also ordered a fine marker due to the fact i don’t have one and need one to do the panel lines on this kit and others and it was only £1.99 so why not lol.

Delivery should be around 2-4 days seeing as its a uk store (thankgod lol, the hardest thing is waiting 2weeks for a package) so a few days is very good. never ordered from then before so this shall also be a test of ther service.

I am also looking at the few gundam kits except they are not in stock at the mo so shall be waiting for them to come back.

I have also fully moved into my uni accommodation except iv just been very lazy so havn’t taken any pics yet lol. i am sure i will get around to it soon.


2 Responses to “Ordered Tamama Robo markII kit”

  1. Snark Says:

    I’m rather curious, do the robots Tamama and co ride on ever show up in the actual show?

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