Ordered some more gundam kits + mob charm

Well i still had some of my birthday money left so i thought why not get some more gundam kits so i have lol.

I have used Gundam Nation again due to the great service they have and the option of being able to pick up the items so therfore don’t have to pay for delivery which is a bonus.

the first kit is

1/100 High Grade G Gundam Gundam


This is a really nice HG 1/100 kit, it costs £22.99 off Gundam Nation – it looks very epic soooo looking forward to getting it, its also know as god gundam which i can believe haha.  Think there is also a 1/60 version but i can just imagine the price of it lol.

 the second kit i have ordered is

1/144 High Grade Alec’s Kerberos BuCue Hound


This is another HG kit except this one is a 1/144, it costs £13.99 off Gundam nation as well – this is a different kind of kit from my last seeing as this one is a dog/hound. can’t wait to get it.

My third purchase is also off Gundam nation, but is not another kit but a phone charm :D, iv been meaning to get one for a while now and they had the one i wanted instock so i got it 😀

Super Cute Mini Chupa Chups Lollipop Phone Charm


I don’t know which one i shall get – so its like a lucky dip hehe – i will love whichever i get – they are just soooo cute, costs £2.99 which is the cheapest one i have seen. most are more expensive and then i would also have to pay for p&p so i am well happy that Gundam Nation sell them.

Also when me and my friend emily went to the odean cinema before picking up our kits on monday we looked in one of the arcade machine and they had a MASSIVE chupa chups chups “>lolly we could decide if it was a real edible one or just a fake one. ok well i just searched on the internet and am amazed to find that its a REAL huge chupa chups lolly.


Its huge

The World’s Largest Lollipop!

A Strawberry flavoured MEGA lollipop measuring 3 1/2″ in diameter (size of a mini football), 14″ in length, and weighing almost 2 pounds (790g).

its approximately 75 times bigger then a standard one costs about £14 lol

Talk about epic lol, god i really want one of these now lol

can;t wait to get my new kits hehe


One Response to “Ordered some more gundam kits + mob charm”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Woah god gundam, one my favorite mech from the G Gundam series ^^. But that is one huge lolipop…wonder long will it take for me to finish that..

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