Keroro Gunsou: Keroro Robo 1

Well i got 2 kits today one was a gundam kit (which i will be building and blogging about 2moro) and the other was this one Keroro Gunsou: Keroro Robo 1 kit, i want all of these kits and then the newer versions too so this is just the start hehe.

I orderd the kits of GundamNation, this kit was £6.99 and because i am in leicester for uni at the mo i had the option of being able to pick the kits up instead of paying for p&p which of course i did, my friend Emily also ordered a kit which we just added onto my order. so we met him after going to the odeon cinema (went to see Dorian gray which was wikid 🙂 He was really nice and had a little chat while we where there, he also does the london expo so i am sure we shall see him ther. i will defo be using the site again its just so much simpler and quicker then odering off the normal websites.

 First off looking at the pretty box the kit comes in, ahhhh its just sooo nice – they always are hehe


The box

 Such nice colours, and looks great, next are the instructions with all the pretty illustrations on the other side. very simple to understand – pictures are defo worth more then words hehe. even if it was in english i prob would have still ignored the words, picture rule hehe.



 The pretty sprues, randomly the black/grey ones look blue – thats weird it was prob due to the weird lighting lol.


the sprues

 Ahhhhhhh the pretty stickers, can’t do without them, its a very nice set 😀


The stickers/decals

 I put all the pieces together, here it is built up in the sections, looking very nice hehe


Built up the kit, just need to pop it together

 hes in control of his big robot, the body part comes in one piece – u attach the head and the front and back sections to the body, the arms move at the shoulders and elbows, and the legs just move at the hip but thats all you need i think, just so cute hehe.


ickle one on his stand

 Sitting on his thing that attachs in the top of the robo, looks well cute, and having a separate ickle stand to place him on is well cute


hes on a misson hehe

 Hehe it just looks so wikid, and the perfect size as well, time for the photos together 😀


ready to kick butt 😀

 havn’t found any problems on the kit, all fits together perfectly 😀



 the colours are just amazing, i’m not a huge fan of green but i LOVEEEE this colour green lol


The back of him

 Even the back of him has quite a bit of detail, which i love nothing worse then a kit that looks ungly from the back.


the green machine 😀

 i think hes aiming at u, hehe



 BOOOOM, good aim


malfunction, ahhhhhhhhhh run

and of course had to have a little bit of fun hehe, i told him off though so hes behaving now 😀

i love this kit soooo much and can’t wait till i get the other ones 😀

give this kit a 10/10 it really does look good with all my figmas and wot not hehe really can’t wait till i get the other ones 😀


4 Responses to “Keroro Gunsou: Keroro Robo 1”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    I have this kit too ^^. Really nice. Recently I just got a Giroro and Tamama Mk 2 to go with him. Nice to other ppl enjoy building keroplas 😀

    • purplezest Says:

      yeh i love the kits, i am aiming to get all of them, the mkI and markII versions but i just love them all. They just look amazing on the shelf with all my other kits and figures 😀

  2. chubbybots Says:

    I am short of the other 3 mk2s, hopefully i can get them to form god keron ^^

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