Figma Hayate Review

I got her for my b’day, from my friend emily hehe 😀 – i was 20 on the 25th sept woop lol, finally made it to the 20’s lol but its half way to 40 ahhhhhhh lolz.

I new she had ordered me something but i didn’t know what until 2day when i found out it was the amazing figma hayate – which is one of my MUST HAVE figmas lol (its on my want list but soon to be moved to my got list hehe 🙂 i am soooo epically happy right now. I now have figma signum and hayate my collection is slowly growing hehe.

My friend also has an amazing blog and a lot lot more figmas then me and she also gets figures and all sorts of other anime related things – check out her blog here

enough of my rambling anyway lol,

Of course first its the amazing box, all figma’s i have got so far have all been in pretty boxs hehe, and hayate is no exception to the rule. its a very very nice box with lots of pretty pictures 😀


 Everything out the box, the background and hayate still in here plastic prison with all her extras


Box contents

 Hayate finally out her box, everything that you get – well u also get the bag to put the extra bits in and the little instruction bit of paper but i didn’t include them hehe.


Hayate with extras woooop

 Here she is, how she came in the box, weird lighting donno wots going on ther lol


Hehe, freeeeeee

 Changed the hair and added the hat and wings to her. god shes just sooooooooooo cute 😀 everything is so easy to move and i have found no problems with her 😀


With her cute hat and wings

 Time to do what she does best 😀


close up

i just love this figma soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, the face is just so pretty and perfect, the eyes are amazing – i could honestly go through everything one here because shes just so perfect 😀



She is very easily posed and she stays were u put her, havn’t found any loose joints


so pretty

Ahhhh the stand always comes in so useful, she does stand on her own, as seen in one of the pictures near the top of the post but not that amazingly so she is defo one to pose on the stand.


just love this face, the eyes are amazing

Just look at the eyes how can u resist not buying her, my friend is the best EVER hehe


Shes angry cus i took her book

i like a plonker took her book so she got mad but i gave it back and all was fine – few lol


I gave it back hehe

i would love a life size version of her, now that would look amazing in my room hehe


Take that


The back of her

And of course i already have signum so had to compare sizes, Hayate is just a little bit smaller then signum, bless her lol.


both of them reunited 😀

I really do have to give figma hayate a 100/10 lol due to the fact that i love her soooo much and have not found any problems with her – thank god lol

now i am getting ready to go to the cinema to see Dorian gray and then pick up my gundam and keroro kits wooop. its going to be an amazing day 😀


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