Got Figma Hayate and Ordered 1/100 Vigna Gina Gundam kit

It was my 20th birthday on the 25th sept and one of my friends ordered my b’day prezzie but that is of course all the info i got 😦 lol. but she gave it to me 2day 😀 and it was a Figma hayate WOOOOP



which is one of the figmas i really really wanted and i already have signum hehe, i can’t believe it hehe – iv got another one to add to my collection 😀 i will be taking photos and should hopefully post them either 2nite or 2moro it will all depend on how lazy i’m being hehe.

I have also finished moving in all my stuff, it took forever – i managed to unpack everything yesterday pay for the internet – can’t live long without that hehe, and today i put up all my posters and well just made it more homely hehe, which i have only just finished few lol. but looks good me thinks.

I also ordered 1/100 vigna gina gundam kit from Gundam Nation –


sooo amazing hehe 😀

well i ain’t ordered yet due to the fact i live in leicester so i can pick it up of him which will save me p&p hehe. so sent them an email saying i want to pick it up instead of p&p just waiting for them to get bk to me – they say it will be in the next 24hours so i will keep this updated of the progress hehe, and of course when i get it i will be taking photos and reviewing it 😀

this will be my 50 post hehehe 😀


One Response to “Got Figma Hayate and Ordered 1/100 Vigna Gina Gundam kit”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    Wooooooop I say! Woooooop!!!

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