20 Today

I am 20 today :D, another inbetween age lol but at least its better them being 19 lol, but now ppl really ain’t gonna believe my age haha but ow well i like seeing ther expresions when i prove them wrong hehe.

Had a good day, had a lie in woke up opened prezzies and cards, got my hair cut 😀 and its a mega i mean MEGA change lol, its so short its untrue – never had it this short before – still ain’t decided if i like it 100% or not might like it when it grows a bit longer, then had to pack my dads van seeing as i am off to move into my uni accommodation 2moro woop hehe. Then went out for a meal with rents to At Worlds End, which was very very yummy, they always do amazing food and the plonkers undercharged us by quite a huge amount – of course we didn’t tell em haha. they should learn to count to say two people checked it before giving it to use then when we went to pay another guy checked it haha, classic so i am very very happy 😀 then came home and had b’day cake with of course was chocolate cake hehe, with re-lighting candles so was stood ther for a good while blowing them out over and over 😀 got ther in the end though hehe.

I shall do a post when i get to uni and unpack about the loot i have acquired from turning 20 hehe and of course one about the accommo and my room probs, even though i have already been there and seen it lol.

Thankyou to everyone who said happy birthday 😀


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