1/144 HG Leons’s Arms Astray PMC Custom – Gundam Kit Review

Well i built it yesterday – started as soon as i got it hehe, didn’ take me that long cin as i have done maisto motorbike kits which involve cement and paint so take more time, but i defo enjoyed building it – i just used the tools that i had from building my other kits so didn’t have to buy anything else :D.  This is my first Gundam kit and i can defo say it won’t be my last – they rock 😀 and my friend has just found a guy near us that sells them and u can pick them up so no p&p woop  😀

Well i was quite lazy yesterday because i did take photos and wot not but due to being ill went to bed early (1.30am hehe) so didn’t manage to post up the pics and review yesterday like i had planned to but ow well it gives me something to do 2day inbetween packing for uni lol.

i shall stop rambling now and get one with photos and wotnot hehe 😀

Well i Ordered him from HLJ its was on sale (woop), Cost £5.53 ($9.23) with P&P (SAL) £4.79 ($8) = £10.32 ($17.23) which is a great price and one i am mega happy with. it would have been about £15 altogether without the discount so around a £5 discount can only be a good thing lol, and it arrived sooner then i expected – it took only 12days, which is gr8 so it arrived before i went to uni 😀

When i opened the package i was greeted by a very nice box, love the pic on the front, very nice 😀


The box, front - back and one of the sides

 i didn’t expect the box to be so nice, shame i’m not gonna keep it though but its not really one i would keep.


All the sprues you get in the kit

 The very nice set of sprue, i love sprue A, its just sooo colourful hehe – a nice mixture of plastics already very very impressed 😀



 The “very simple to understand” instructions even though it wasn’t in english hehe. pictures are worth more then words i say lol, and love the pictures on the other side – very nice indeedy


Middle of the body and one of his heads, hehe

 Here is the first pic of me building him started with his head (he has two options for his head, the other one i built up later and took a few pics so don’t be surprised when his head randomly changes in the pics lol.


body built up more with head, with his shield and gun

 Built up his arms and the rest of his body, added his head and then did the shield and his gun 😀


His very nice legs

 I just loveeeeee his legs lol, very nice and the shoes are just mint hehe.


Nearly finished him

 A pic of him from the front and side/back showing how much further i got, but not finished yet even though could leave him like this but of course i’m not lol.


Finished 😀

Here he is fully finished and looking very nice – of course i didn’t get fully rid of the nubs cin as its only a cheap kit but they are flat so they marks won’t bother me, all stickers have been added. Did this pic to show how movable the back part of him is 😀

Well after doing these photos i went onto posing him and taking some good shots which of course then i had to whittle down to the main few i really liked so here we go.



with his sword 😀

i really do love him, easily postioned, no joints are loose and he looks amazing – just love his sword its kinda a transparent pinky colour – very nice 😀


Side shot, had to get at least one

even from the side he looks very nice, has quite a few little bits you can move with make a huge range of what you can make him look like which i like.


Close up

BOOM, hehe close up of his head and chest, the stickers really add to it i think 😀

And now he swaps heads hehe – i really don’t know which i like best – they are both so nice – like the top one due to the pink flicky thing but like this one cus he is wearing shades haha 😀


New head 😀

LOVEEEEEE this photo ^ he just looks so mean and ready hehe.


Close up

Of course had to get another close up with this head, cin as mr other head got one but this time he wanted the gun 😀


Posed on his stand

The other good thing about this kit is you get a stand with it (you may have noticed it in the sprue photo) of course its only a basic one but a stand is a stand hehe.


Wonder what he is aiming at, hmmmmm 😀

I really do like this kit havn’t found a single thing wrong with it, the colours are also great and look amazing and shall defo look good with my figmas 😀

And of course had to size him up to a figma, and drossel offered again so here he is stood next to drossel, hes just a wee bit smaller but still rocks 😀 but his was bigger then i thought he would be so winning all round 😀 


Gundam compared to figma for height

Well thats it, he didn’t get very long display time either because he has been wrapped up and packed for when i move to uni on the 26th but i am sure he will love it ther 😀

Well i didn’t find anything wrong with the kit nothing missing, a free stand, two heads hehe, nothing at all to have a little moan about so i am very happy to give him 10/10 a defo must get to say he was so cheap, and i am very very happy i got him can’t wait till i can get my next one 😀


One Response to “1/144 HG Leons’s Arms Astray PMC Custom – Gundam Kit Review”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    I think I’ll use my outdoor, ‘Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!’ lol. Very very cool. Makes me want other kits rather than just Zeon Mobile Suits. But there are so many I don’t have, and Zeon can kick Gundam’s ASS in fights. With their giant flaired shins lol.

    Love the two heads. And the shield. Gotta have a nice shield. All such pretty colours too.

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