Uni Accommodation Yr2

I picked up my accommodation key(s) today WOOOOOOOP, well its 2keys and 1phob so not that tricky but more then i had last yr cin as i only had a phob this year i have to try and work the invention of the key – ahhhhhhhhhh 😀

but of course with this happy thing is the first payment which is a big ouch cin as i don’t get my student loans and wot not till the 5th but i shall find someway to survive lol.

I am moving into Benjamin Russell in Leicester


 (cin as i go to DMU uni) the uni is across the road from the accommo so i can roll out of bed into uni which i think is a big help cin as i had tht privilege last year as well hehe 😀 Location of accommo to the uni here is the link to the google map, the accommo is marked, and the big brown patch next to it is the uni so as u can see over a road haha (last yr i lived on the road Newarke close)

The flat looked really nice, about the size i thought it would be, the room is a bit bigger then i thought though and not a long thin one like last yr (which is a good thing) i can actually sit on the floor this yr, i reason this is a good thing because some work i prefer to do on the floor (like drawing) have no idea why just do lol. So there is loadsa space, the kitchen i well sweet and the fridge is bloody HUGE to say there is only 3 of us lol, ther is a nice ickle tv on the wall, so will be nice to be able to watch tv while cooking – cin as last yr i missed so much while i was cooking but then i brought the invention of the freeview box so i could pause tv – i think it saved my life in a way lol. the bath room is quite big too.

I am in room C even though on the door it says 3 lol, i am next to the kitchen then Siobhan is next to me then its the bathroom then Emily in the biggest room (she gets the width of the corridor added to her room cin as its at the end of the flat but she has tones of plastic women so she needs she space lol.

The flat is located on the 4th floor with a sloping roof so we have slanted windows which are kool, All in all i am very happy with the flat and how much money i am saving by moving to this cheaper accommo only diff is this one has a shared toilet but that don’t bother me.

I am going to be moving in on the 26th sept 😀  one of my flatmates moved in today (Siobhan) and my other flat mate is moving in 2moro (emily) so i am sure they will get the flat nice and cosy for when i move in lol.

Can’t wait till i go, only a week now 😀


2 Responses to “Uni Accommodation Yr2”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    :woooop!: 2moro! “Daddy’s back!!” as Barney Stinson!

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