Review of Saint Cloth Myth Sagittarius Aiolos

Well he arrived today and i have spent most of the day being lazy and taking photos lol, finally i have edited and chosen the photos i want to use, it was a mega job too i didn’t realise i took so many – the wonders of digital ay.

I ordered him from Otacute. They were selling him for $21.90 which was on sale from $34.90 (gotta love discount 😀 ) which makes the item in itself around £13.40 (bargain) then with P&P (SAL) $10.79 = $32.69 which is £20.53 which is amazing to say i looked at tones of other sites and on ebay but it was mega expensive, so when i saw that otacute had it for this cheap i ordered it hehe.

Of course i had other figures i wanted to buy but many sites have them in stock and i haven’t been able to find this cheap anywhere, so when i saw it discounted on otacute, it was a must buy and i got the 2nd to last one WOOP, so i felt very lucky.

Well time to get on with the might review and pretty photos.


The box, front and back, then a pic of the open box 😀

 The box is nice, nothing amazing – prefer figma boxs lol. but it was kool how you could open it (held together with a dot of velcro) and it was split so you had 2 windows to see him 😀 and all his extra wot nots.


Another freebie from otacute 😀

I got another freebie from Otacute, but i already have this one (got two freebies from my first order from otacute and she is one of them) so this will be going to uni with me so i can give it to my friend emily 😀


The pretty concents of the box

Hes out the box, but still in the plastic transparent prison. the wing tray lays under the tray on the left side of the pic. so all fits snug in the box.

Its already looking epic hehe 


instruction leaflet thing

 This is the instruction leaflet thing that you get with him, this side is the only part with instructions of the other side mainly has pics and wot not. It looks simple enough so i don’t think i shall be needing the instructions.


The left head is my favourite

 The two heads you get with him, both are not amazing but i greatly prefer the one on the left, and thats the one i am going to be using when i take the photos and because i am too lazy to change it lol.


His feet, love how he can stand on his tiptoe

 And the wonderous feet, they can go on tippy toe – its a miracle 😀 – they are heavy too (sign of quality)


Putting on his armour

 Well of course in the box he is ‘naked’ well apart from his shoes lol, so of course i had to add on the armour, which was very simple to put on, not the quickest though, but that might just be me lol.

All the pieces are great quality i have not found a single floor in any of the parts, the details is amazing and the fact that he is completely gold means that you notice him, and i mean really notice him – i put him with my figmas but he attracted to much attention lolz, so he has moved to his own shelf so he can dominate ther lol.

every piece is a work of art on its own and OMG the wings, i have a slight obsession with, vamps, pirates, wings and flying (amount other things lol) so him having wings was a massive massive bonus and they are just amazing 😀 soooo pretty and look amazing on him.

well enough of my rambling, her are the other photos


Mr bling hehe

 The amazing wings, just sooo pretty – they can also move so they are not just set in one position which i think is neat.


closeup time

 The wings folded down, he is really thinking about something here lol


just about to fly off

 just about to fly away to kick someones butt. do hope its not mine


He wanted to see my blog then posed for the camera 😀

 as the picture caption says – hes an intelligent one, ill give him that, him posing on my lappy makes my lappy look dull and boring in comparison


just hanging out with drossel

Drossel wanted to come over and say hi, and to compare size difference – as you can see hes quite a bit bigger 😀


do i shoot it? i'm confuddled

 This is the (i shall call it) frame lol, donno wot to call it really – its the beginning of the Sagittarius before you add on all the amour and wot not. looks funny to me – but as soon as you add everything on it becomes amazing 😀


Neel before my arrow

 Feel the rath of his arrow, god damn his amazing ability to shine and be blingin at my camera lolz. i really do mean it the amount of photo i had to take to get ones without serious shine is unthinkable but then the sun came out and i could use the natural light more with no flash – few lol.


shiney gold

 the legs look well weird her i blame the angle i used, naughty katie 😀


from the front

 Ahhhh the pretty pretty wings, and thankyou sun light


gold, where? i can't see it

 another nice one using the sun, makes the colour look amazing


such a poser

used a soft flash on this one, so shiny hehe

well thats the end of the wonderous row of pics i’m afaid, i give it a full 10/10 its just amazing – even better then i expected it to be, be don’t have long in my room though cin as he shall be coming to uni with me on the 26th to bling out my room ther lol 😀


6 Responses to “Review of Saint Cloth Myth Sagittarius Aiolos”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    After a second viewing, I think I likes the horsey better… Tis a horse with wings after all! Posable wings! I can see the joint *just*, which is epic, cos the fact they can move makes them all the more awesome!

  2. vixums Says:

    I see you ordered from Otacute too, I’m happy when I find others who shop there, since it’s not as well known as the other sites yet! And yes, I love the freebies, I have the one you displayed there, luckily I haven’t gotten the same one twice yet! Good luck in Uni this year~

    • purplezest Says:

      Yeh my friend emily (meimi132) found the site, i love it, everything is the right price and they don’t rip you off on p&p which i love. i’m really glad a lot of people are ordering from them, each time i order my order number jumps much higher then the last one i had which is great to see. They have made ordering stuff from japan so much easier which rocks.
      yeh freebies rule and yeh shame about getting it twice but my friend hasn’t got this one so shall be giving it to her and thanks i can’t wait i move into my accommodation on the 26th teehee 😀

  3. black hattitude Says:


    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

  4. purplezest Says:

    thanks, always nice to hear good feedback 😀 and i do enjoy blogging 😀

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